Neighbor's quick actions limit fire damage to house


To the Editor:

We would like to thank our neighbor Doug Schneider for alerting us that our house was on fire Sunday night and for helping Bruce get water onto the roof immediately.

We would also like to thank the Moffat County Sherrif's Department and the fire department for their quick arrival on the scene and for putting the fire out with as little water damage as possible.Without all of the above persons' prompt response, the house would have been a total loss. We would also like to thank our friends Mark and Darolyn Bangs for promptly coming and picking up our children while the house was still burning and our friends the Hansens for helping us to temporarily repair the roof. Thank you to our insurance agent Al Cashion at American Family Insurance for his prompt arrival on the scene the next morning.

And most of all thank you to all of our friends and neighbors who offered us all of the wonderful places to stay and any possible help we could need. We are very glad we live in this wonderful community.

Bruce, Bobbi,Chris, Kirsten & Justin McAlexander,

Moffat County

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