In the zone


Under the direction of its now part-time planner, Moffat County has updated a 26-year-old zoning map, the first step in a process that will improve planning, growth and development outside of the city limits.

County residents often resist zoning as an encroachment of their own private property rights, but the adoption of an updated zoning map happened without a hitch and without argument.

Hopefully, while public opinion will be sought and applied, the rest of the process will be as smooth.

The process of developing a joint city and county master plan showed a definite need for better planning as far as development in the county goes. While the city has fairly cut-and-dry standards for building, the county's are more lax and where the line between the two meets, that becomes a problem.

Changing that has always been a problem.

County residents are fiercely protective -- with good reason -- of their right to do what they wish with their own property and past efforts to beautify, zone or regulate in the county have been fraught with debate.

Now that the county is making a concerted effort to update and unify its regulations, property owners are asked to participate in the process as much as possible and to bring their common sense and reason with them.

Outdated regulations must be updated, and if Craig and Moffat County continue to grow, it will be necessary to do it under the guidance of a plan.

That opens the door to new development and protects existing property owners.

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