Advertising shouldn't take priority over indigent care


To the Editor

After reading the article regarding The Memorial Hospital's justification of its advertising budget; it is quite clear the Moffat County Commis-sioners are not the only ones who have gone off the deep end in their management of money.

Even with a $50,000 budget cut from the county, it is no wonder why there is not money for the Indigent Care Clinic. Why does the only hospital in Moffat County spend over $147,000 a year for advertising?

The hospital's public relations is through the quality care it provides to its patients. That is what will make it or break it. I personally received excellent care by the caregiving staff when I was a patient and because of that care would not hesitate to recommend the hospital services to anyone.

I say cut the advertising and do away with the public relations position. This would be a savings of more than $200,000 and would allow the hospital an opportunity to serve the community by continuing to provide the Indigent Care Clinic.

It is time we return to common sense.

S. V. Beckett,


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