'Rapport' with criminal doesn't change his crime


To the Editor:

I just finished reading the article in the Craig Daily Press about the escaped prisoner from the Moffat County Jail. I would like to congratulate and thank the officers for recapturing him.

That being said, I would like to address the issue of how this was ALLOWED to happen in the first place.

My first question is who is the obvious moron who felt that a sexual offender was a good candidate for an "inmate worker?" Mr. Herndon assures us that he was "non-violent." Well, Sir, I'm sure that any mother would say there is no worse violence than someone raping your child. As for the "rapport" he had with your staff, please tell me you are not that easily manipulated by your inmates.

I would next like to address Mr. Grinstead. Since when, sir, is a child rapist "not a threat to the community"? You say that the problem was that the jail was understaffed -- if you were aware of that why did you make the decision to allow this inmate to be outside unattended?

Could the snow removal not be postponed?

Your job is to protect this community and by allowing a child rapist to "build a rapport" and "work his way up to inmate worker status" only to escape when you were admittedly too understaffed to guard him, is a failure on your part to do so.

I know there is a need for more funding, of which I wholeheartedly agree, but, sir, your request for money is falling on deaf ears because your ignorance is screaming so loudly.

Do us all a favor please, the next time one of your trustworthy inmates is out shoveling, let us know so that we can keep our children behind locked doors!

A mother in total disgust,

Beth Dietrich,


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