Stories for January 2004


Friday, January 30

Big third quarter leads 'Dogs past Huskies

It was super hero night Friday during the Moffat County High School basketball games, and while he didn't wear a cape or a mask, Bulldog senior Anthony Loughran was the home team's hero.

Thursday, January 29

Residents need to get their priorities straight

Residents need to get their priorities straight

Huskies lose battle to Lady Bulldogs, 61-35

For three-quarters of Friday night's Moffat County High School girls basketball game, the Bulldogs lambasted Battle Mountain High School.

Why eat carbs at all?

A basic review of Nutrition 101 reminds us that carbohydrates play a critical role in preserving human health. The major reason for consuming carbohydrates is to provide glucose for the energy needs of our brain and central nervous system. The B-vitamins supplied by carbohydrate-rich foods also help to keep our skin and hair healthy; help minimize depression and nerve dysfunction; and play a critical role in building healthy blood cells. The fiber provided by carbohydrate-rich foods keep our intestinal system working efficiently, too.

Moffat County 4-H newsletter

It's new Starting this month we'll be using a postcard to remind residents of important issues. For additional information on topics, call the Extension Office at 824-9180 or stop by.

Jonn Kirbin Bullock

Jonn Kirbin Bullock 1963-2004

Council looks to give students a voice in school issues

Freshman Katie Morris wants to generate more spirit at Moffat County High School. Sophomore Matt Maneotis thinks students should be more involved in making decisions that affect school life.

Loving the Arts

Downtown Businesses celebrate Valentine's Day by hosting Artwalk

There are probably hundreds of Craig residents who have art made with local hands, thanks in part to students in a college course that have kicked out pottery here for more than a decade.

Brown to serve four years for drug charges

Chris Brown's sentencing hearing looked like it might give him a second chance. He might have been sentenced to probation, but he addressed the court not with remorse, but with indignation at the conduct of law enforcement.

Natural resources manager argues to reinstate position

Grants could be used fill budgetary void

Members of the Moffat County Natural Resources Department grappled with ways to deal with budget cuts during a Friday workshop with the Board of County Commissioners.

Inmate's phone call to victim could result in more charges

A Moffat County inmate who faces six years in prison for criminal mischief may see new charges added to his lengthy criminal record because of a collect call he allegedly made from jail.

"Should the provisions of the Patriot Act, which are set to expire this year, be extended?"

Each Saturday, four local residents will be a sounding board of opinion on topics both local and national. Check in each week to hear from your neighbors. This week's topic: "Should the provisions of the Patriot Act, which are set to expire this year, be extended?"

County considers change in oil and gas lease fees

Moffat County government is changing the way it does business with gas and oil companies, and plans to look into surface owners' rights in the next couple months.

There is a need to re-examine Patriot Act

The war on terrorism has proven to be an important part of President George Bush's political identity.

Wednesday, January 28

Craig Police

School doesn't end when the bell rings

Afterschool activities provide opportunity for continued education

They're only in elementary school but some local students may soon be able to talk their way around a Spanish-speaking county, thanks to an afterschool program.

Local athlete Outback-bound

When he was younger, Daniel Tague's dad gave him a shirt that he bought for a fund-raiser to send a Moffat County High School football player to the Down Under Bowl in Australia. Ever since he received that shirt, the younger Tague has wanted to make the trip to the Outback.

THM officials address nursing home again

Hospital trustees hear viability study

There is no reason a properly managed nursing home couldn't turn a profit in Craig and care for 60 patients. There are some hurdles, to be sure. But nothing in the books of the defunct Valley View Manor suggested a flaw in the concept that a long-term care facility could reopen and sustain itself.

Commissioner justifies trip, travel expenses

Moffat County Commissioner Marianna Raftopoulos flew to Las Vegas on Tuesday to represent Moffat County and Colorado Counties Inc. at the National Recreation Forum, a Bureau of Land Management symposium to discuss multiple use of public lands.

Officials fear southwest Colorado beetle infestation could reach Moffat County

Ips bark beetles have already devastated acres of piñon pines in southwest Colorado. Soon, the beetle may launch an attack on Moffat County trees as well.

Council considers funding requests

Poorly timed questions could spark new policy

In the one month since the Craig City Council set its 2004 budget, it has entertained requests for more than $10,000 in funding -- unbudgeted.

Put the physical back into play

Warrior snocross racing back in town

The signs are good for the Warrior Snocross & Freestyle racing circuit.

Tuesday, January 27

Betty J. Losh


Margaret Maurin Anderson


Vallem makes semifinals

ASPEN -- The kill switch led to the death of Phil Vallem's hopes for the finals of the hillcross competition at Winter X-Games VIII.

Craig Police

Foam hats for country bumpkins

Sheltered, old-fashioned, country bumpkin -- call me what you want, but covering the X-Games for the first time as an official reporter was an experience I would compare to Farmer John going to Wal-Mart for the first time.

County takes one step forward, one step back

Most politicians get in trouble by promising more than they deliver. Moffat County Commissioners, on the other hand, are digging a hole for themselves by delivering more than they say the county can afford.

Law doesn't stop teen smoking

Clara Stiefel's jaw dropped in amazement when she learned that just a few years ago, middle and high school students could regularly be seen smoking cigarettes around town.

City kicks in $5,000 toward Clubhouse

Council stipulates that county provide financial updates

Despite reservations on the part of several Craig City Council members, Moffat County will get $5,000 toward keeping Shadow Mountain Clubhouse open.

X-treme sport draws competitors to Aspen

Craig resident competes in X-games

ASPEN -- The action died fast after the hillcross races at the 2003 Winter X-Games in Aspen Tuesday.

Monday, January 26

Subdivision up for preliminary approval

Craig residents Jay Oxley and Mike Anson will take the first official step tonight in developing a 21-lot subdivision south of the Ridgeview subdivision.

Schools stiffen attendance, truancy policy

Change gives policy 'teeth'

It's difficult to teach students if they're not coming to school, say educators of the Moffat County School District.

First candidate of political season announces

Deputy seeks Raftopoulos' seat on county commission

The seat occupied by Marianna Raftopoulos on the Moffat County Board of Commissioners is up for grabs and Michael Anthony wants to take it.

School district's fund balance still flush

The Moffat County School District has been dipping into its fund balance in recent years but the trend isn't severe enough to cause budgetary waves, said district financial officer Mike Brinks.

Clair and Bonnie Villard

J. Lorraine Johnson

DOW surveys, classifies big game

State wildlife experts are riding a helicopter around Northwest Colorado, spotting elk from the sky and recording key demographic data that will be used to guide license sales in the fall.

Sunday, January 25

Officials now required to report chicken pox cases

Public health department monitoring disease to determine need for vaccine

Colorado hospitals, laboratories and public health agencies will be required to report cases of chicken pox to the state health department as part of an effort to monitor disease trends in the vaccination era.

Dinner raises $1,400 to support miners

Residents kick in to assist striking Utah miners

Moffat County residents raised $1,400 to assist the striking Co-Op Miners of Huntington, Utah, during a solidarity dinner and meeting at St. Michael's Catholic Church Saturday night.

Craig Police

Super Bowl not so super this year

Season's biggest game can still turn a local buck

Sure, everybody wishes the Denver Broncos were playing in Sunday's Super Bowl, but that won't keep local fans from celebrating the season's biggest match.

Relay two seconds from state qualification

ARVADA -- After two long days of swimming, Moffat County High School girls swim coach Ed Stehlin wasn't sure what to expect from his 400-meter freestyle relay team. The final event of the final day at the Jeffco Invitation would turn out to make the four-hour drive back to Craig a little bit more enjoyble.

In the business of saving lives

EMT Rich Nichols has put nine years into emergency rescue, teaching others life-saving techniques

Richard Nichols sums himself up quickly and exactly -- the way you'd expect a paramedic to assesses an accident.

YVEA launches education campaign

Yampa Valley Electric Association is looking to help schoolchildren understand how electricity works and the role rural co-ops play in delivering it to their homes.

School board questions need for accreditation

Second review process under discussion

The Moffat County School District Board of Education will have to decide whether to continue with an accreditation review program that recently examined how well Moffat County High School is living up to its stated goals.

Thursday, January 22

Get informed about radon

There is no longer debate about radon being a lung carcinogen in humans. All major national and international organizations that have examined the health risks of radon agree that it is a lung carcinogen. The scientific community continues to conduct research to refine our understanding of the precise number of deaths attributable to radon. It is estimated that radon causes about 15,000 to 22,000 lung cancer deaths annually.

More than memorization

Teachers adding critical thinking skills to math curriculum

After 11 years of teaching, Cheryl Arnett witnessed a breakthrough recently in her students' math comprehension.

Adelines pair with elementary students for February concert

It's impossible to describe the level of dedication it takes for the Sweet Adelines singing group to get it perfect.

Wrestlers take down Union with ease

In a 61-12 domination of Union High School, the fiercest competition for the Moffat County High School wrestling team may not have been in a head-to-head match.

Eva May Hindman


A positive development

It was a rocky year for the Craig/Moffat County Economic Development Partnership in 2003. It included the resignation of its director following an effort to terminate him, an effort to oust the board's chairman, confusion and heated debate over the partnership's bylaws, a threat to its funding and a general loss of consumer confidence.

Conditions prime for avalanche

Experts warn sledders against dangers of 'highmarking'

Colorado has more deadly avalanches than anywhere else in the Unites States. Although most people think of central Colorado as the state's primary avalanche danger zone, Moffat County hills pose potential hazards, too.

Economic partnership weighs uses for grant

The Craig/Moffat County Economic Development Partnership is considering ways to use a $50,000 grant it was awarded more than a year ago, but never formally accepted because of disorder among the board of directors and within the partnership.

Schools kick in for pool

Commissioner asks Board of Education for funding help

Members of the Moffat County School District Board of Education dipped into district pockets to continue a rehabilitation program for some students and to help keep open a community facility at Thursday night's board meeting.

Encouragement helps youth make better choices

When you give a child a helium-filled balloon, it brings great joy. But if the balloon is losing air and gradually deflates, the child becomes frustrated. If the balloon is difficult to hang on to and floats away, the child cries.

TMH to release survey findings

Public meeting scheduled for Feb. 3

The Memorial Hospital soon will present the findings of a community survey that polled more than 400 Moffat County residents in mid-December. A representative from the firm that conducted the survey will be on hand to present the results at two community forums Feb. 3.

Team adjusting to increasing adversity

The surprising loss to Meeker High School, 36-35, followed by the unexpected departure of senior Jason Mosher made for a tough Friday last week for the Moffat County wrestling team.

Craig Police

Karen G. Arambel


Tommy J. Cozzens

Girls ready for more than ABCs and diapers

We've got the alphabet down, a good portion of numbers, most of our shapes and the primary colors.

Fire district debates new truck, role in subdivision planning

Craig Fire/Rescue needs a new fire truck and needs to know the truck can access emergency sites in the fire district.

Laboring for the good of all

our view Whether or not they support labor unions, Moffat County residents should support the concept of fighting for the best working situations for all.

Pampered pets

Special foods, clothes, purfume for pets growing to a $1 billion industry -- area residents not exempt

Every dog has its day, goes the old cliche. And it seems that most pets are having their day right now.

Sage grouse population dwindling

Officials considering whether to consider species endangered

Once plentiful in the West, the greater sage grouse is dying out, and Moffat County is one of its last strongholds.

Group continues work to reopen nursing home

A group of private investors is continuing its efforts to purchase the now-vacant Valley View Manor and open a nursing home in Craig.

Wednesday, January 21

Natural Resources to ask for assistant position back

After investing years of work and thousands of taxpayers' dollars to create a fire management plan aimed at preventing the catastrophic fires that have ravaged other parts of the state and the nation, Jeff Comstock is worried Moffat County won't be able to carry out the plan.

Emergency signal sitting on a shelf

911 board unsure how to fund alert system

A small machine programmed to alert Moffat County residents to emergency situations has functioned as a storage shelf in recent year.

School offers equal opportunities to all students

Disabilities are a natural part of the human experience, and should in no way diminish the right of individuals to participate in and contribute to society as the U.S. Congress recognized in its 1997 reauthorization of the Individuals with Disability Education Act (IDEA). With appropriate educational services, students with disabilities, like all other students, can be prepared to lead productive, independent, adult lives to the maximum extent possible. At Moffat County High School, we have recognized a duty to provide services to students with disabilities. We have four teachers specifically trained to work with students with special needs to ensure that children with disabilities receive a "free appropriate public education" (FAPE) that emphasizes special education and related services designed to meet students' unique needs, and to prepare them for employment and independent living.

Local hillcrosser primed for X-Games

Phil Vallem has spent the winter testing and building tracks for the Warrior SnoX and Freestyle series. But this week Vallem will turn in his race official's vest for a race number as he prepares to compete in his sport's most glitzy event -- the Winter X-Games VIII.

Evanna Rachel Mitchell

Steven K. Philyaw


Craig Police

Faith Ann Weathers

Halle Skylar Hamilton

Juveniles plead guilty to string of burglaries

Two male juveniles pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges stemming from a string of auto burglaries and a store burglary that took place in July.

Former D.A. gets comfortable on the bench

Moffat County defendants are seeing a new face on the bench when they appear in the 14th Judicial District Court now that Judge Paul R. McLimans is presiding over criminal cases.

Logan William Scherar

Local jeweler closes business, focuses on Internet sales

Diamonds begin as lumps of coaland grow beautiful over time.

Swim team energetic about Denver meet

The poolside manner of the Moffat County High School girls swim team at practice involved an above-average amount of horseplay Wednesday.

Kirbin Bullock

Tuesday, January 20

Jail staff too busy to

Veterans asked to share

County resurrects barn, TV

Higher fees, lease offer keep facility, services alive

Two more Moffat County services, supposedly cut in December, were brought back to life at a Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday.

Transplant doesn't save former Craig youth's life

Robert Sherman, a one-time Ridgeview Elementary School student who last year became the focus of a local effort to raise funds for a bone marrow transplant, died Friday at Children's Hospital in Cincinnati. He was 10.

History shouldn't be edited to fit a demographic

While residents of Moffat County enjoyed another typical Monday earlier this week, just 210 miles east of here, thousands of strangers gathered in the sub-freezing cold near downtown Denver, united by the memory of a black man from Atlanta who forced our country to live up to its creed that "all men are created equal."

Bulldog roundballers rebound against Rangely

When it comes to the big picture of season standings, the Moffat County High School boys basketball game against Rangely didn't mean much because of the difference in the size of the school.

Craig Police


MoCo airport advisory board

The master plan for overhauling the Craig/Moffat County Airport is almost ready for takeoff.

Community gets the 411 on proposed 211 system

There's no phone number in the white pages for a suicide prevention hotline.

Monday, January 19

TMH courting new surgeon

Hospital narrows field to bring much-needed staff member

The Memorial Hospital may soon hire a new general surgeon if it successfully recruits a candidate who is talking seriously about coming to Craig.

Residents encouraged to vaccinate, license pets

Spaying or neutering your pet can save a person more than an unwanted litter. It will get residents half off the cost of a city pet license at the annual pet vaccination and license clinic on Jan. 31.

Ray Gardner Witham


Curriculum to cater to college bound students

School board to discuss changing requirements

Moffat County students entering high school next year will have to stay abreast of new curriculum requirements if they plan to enter one of Colorado's four-year colleges upon graduation.

Proposed measure favors West Slope residents

Sen. Jack Taylor sponsors water storage bill addressing mitigation issues

State Sen. Jack Taylor of Steamboat Springs is sponsoring a bill that aims to reintroduce a water storage measure Colorado voters overwhelmingly squashed in the last election cycle.

School district again to debate policy on corporate sponsorships

Members of the Moffat County School District Board of Education plan to discuss what role corporate sponsorships should play in bulking up district funds at Thursday's meeting.

Police seize methamphetamine, marijuana from C.A.P.S. graduate

Law enforcement: 'It's just as routine to find meth as it used to be to find marijuana'

Police on Monday confirmed a sizeable drug bust that took place in Craig one month ago, but was never publicized because law enforcement agencies didn't want to step on each other's toes claiming credit.

Sign shop stands the test of time

Local business celebrates 10 years after being told it couldn't be done

The sign business has been good in Craig. It's been so good that Danny Griffith, owner of Sign Source, didn't realize he'd been in business for 10 years until five months after his anniversary.

Sunday, January 18

Robert C. Noland


Bingo mania

Game isn't just about prizes; 'addicts' say it's a form of entertainment

Somebody's got to win big and it might as well be you.

Many area residents ignore Martin Luther King Jr. Day

A national holiday commemorating the birth of America's most prominent civil rights activist will largely go unnoticed in Craig today.

Partners asks: Who mentored you?

Awareness month urges residents to 'Pass it on to the next generation'

Adults don't always realize what an influence they have on children. The right words can boost a child's ego, while careless ones can send them plummeting.

Cruising for a living

Local doctor makes house calls to the Carribean through new career plan

Today, Dr. Allan Reishus will catch a flight to Chicago and then to Norfolk, Va. Tomorrow, he'll board a cruise liner for three weeks on the Caribbean Sea.

Steven Philyaw

Bertha Mack

Short-handed Bulldogs prevail in three-team swim meet

The Moffat County girls swim team won a triangular meet against Grand Junction Central and Delta County on Saturday, even though many of the team's swimmers didn't race in their normal events.

Kori Jean King

Car vs. animal accidents high

Moffat County drivers more likely to hit a deer than be involved in an alcohol-related wreck

Alcohol-related accidents occur less frequently in Moffat County than anywhere in the state, but incidents of animal-related wrecks are way above the state average, according to the Colorado State Patrol.

Cody Dean Eckhoff

Friday, January 16

Extreme kids

Children not immune to desire to go farther, faster, higher

Six-year-old Landon Willey got seven stitches learning how to ride a bicycle but the first-grader hasn't suffered a scratch since he's taken to a pint-sized gas-powered dirt bike.

Girls win in neck-and-neck game

The Glenwood Springs girls basketball team was the first team this season to successfully defend Moffat County's Brandie Telfer.

MCHS boys lead with authority

The Moffat County Bulldogs boys basketball team trailed by seven points early in the fourth quarter Friday night. But within minutes, the team took the lead, controlled the clock and opened up the game to claim a 74-62 victory over the Demons from Glenwood Springs.

Officials unsure if expected oil and gas boom will impact local economy

Although Colorado is expecting a record-breaking boom year in oil drilling, it's unclear if Moffat County will enjoy the windfall.

4-H program packed with opportunities -- register soon

The Moffat County 4-H program is about to get started and this is your opportunity as a parent or child to register yourself or register your child. To get the maximum opportunity, register before the end of January as most of the 4-H projects will be starting in February or March. We do take registrations year round, but obviously it is to your advantage to register today.

School officials: Changes to 23 wouldn't hurt school district

A highly criticized voter-approved amendment to fund K-12 school districts has had little impact -- either good or bad -- on local schools, educators say.

Thursday, January 15

Boy expelled for bringing broken BB gun to school

A Craig Intermediate School student was expelled indefinitely after bringing a broken BB gun to the school grounds in October, school officials have confirmed.

Treva Tyler

Ryan Quay Duzik

Robert C. Noland


Marguarette "Marni" Ann Shively


Essay winner bound for Rome

"Sweet!" Jedediah Pourier ex-claimed after hearing of his good fortune.

Area real estate sales more robust than state average in 2003

The Craig area fared better in the real estate market than other areas in Colorado in 2003, and this January, a traditionally slow month in real estate, has been better than average, local real estate agents say.

Broad-based gun restriction isn't solution everywhere

Our view Guns are a part of Western Slope culture and local residents have proven that a proliferation of weapons doesn't spell doom.

Residents sparkle during Diamonds and Spurs

It's a guaranteed good time if your biggest concern is wondering what to wear. And a night of elegance at the Rotary Club's upcoming formal dinner and dance promises a swanky affair.

Officers honored

Domestic violence prevention agency awards Jantz, Gonzalez

For law enforcement officers, the scene of a crime is often the scene of a distraught victim. Perhaps as often as anyone is the public health and safety discipline, law officers interact with people who are suffering.

Talk of the Town

Each Saturday, local residents will be a sounding board of opinion on topics both local and national. Check in each week to hear from your neighbors. This week's topic: The city has preliminarily agreed to kick in $5,000 toward keeping Shadow Mountain Clubhouse open. Should the city contribute funds for county facilities/projects while the county is experiencing a budget crisis? To what degree?

Craig Police

Ray Gardner Witham


Amelia Jane Seim

Regional plan draws criticism

County Homeland Security requests get cold shoulder

Moffat County received about $273,000 in Homeland Security grants last year, but this year's allocations may not be so generous, according to Clyde Anderson, Moffat County's Emergency Management Coordinator.

Agency funds conservation practices

Ranchers have until Feb. 6 to apply for cost-sharing grants

Farmers and ranchers have until Feb. 6 to apply for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) and the Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP), cost-sharing programs administered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service that provide financial assistance for conservation practices.

Colorado gets a 'D' in gun safety

The Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence and the Million Mom March gave Colorado a grade of D for weakening gun laws. But local gun owners and safety instructors aren't particularly concerned about either organization's opinion.

MCHS squares off with Meeker wrestlers

To get an idea of how competitive a dual meet is between the Moffat County High School wrestling team and its southern neighbor, Meeker, one needs to look no further than the 119-pound weight class.

Christopher Rieger

Abbe Jo Adams

Logan James Morrison

Trynity Elizabeth Hummel

Disc jockey spins his last

"Stop and Smell the Roses," by Mack Davis was the song of the day when Rick Allen started in radio 32 years ago.

Touch of spice

Is there a doctor in the house?

Alfred Adler said "it is easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them."

Nighthorse Campbell to speak at local GOP fund-raiser

Ben Nighthorse Campbell on Tuesday accepted an invitation to speak at the Moffat County Republican Party's annual fund-raising dinner.

Wednesday, January 14

Council considers improving acoustics at Center of Craig

Transforming a room that was built to conduct sound into one that doesn't isn't a job to be taken lightly -- or cheaply.

Tony "Butch" T. Angelo

James "Jim" Herbert Hooton


Craig shooter qualifies for nationals

At age 13 it isn't often that one has his own weekend home, but that's the case for Ari Osborn. The pianist and air pistol shooter spends most of his off days from home school going to Colorado Springs to improve the skills of his two talents.

Indoor soccer for all ages kicking off at CMS

The numbers aren't where they could be in the indoor soccer league sponsored by the Craig Youth Soccer Association, but Bill Sawyer isn't worried.

Lynn Horn waives evidence hearing

Details of accused drug dealer's case will have to wait until trial

A Craig man accused of distributing methamphetamine and carrying an illegally modified shotgun waived his right to a preliminary hearing in Moffat County Court Wednesday.

Residents should guard themselves against scams

Press releases from the Craig Police Department detailing new telephone and Internet scams have nearly become as commonplace as announcements about other police activity and high-profile arrests.

Commissioners change landfill schedule, complete surety bond process

The Moffat County Board of Commissioners passed a wide range of resolutions affecting everything from landfill service to surety bonds and county employee driving during a meeting on Jan. 13.

Tuesday, January 13

City, county rewrite 10-year-old contract

City may be asked to kick in for airport costs

For the past 10 years, the city of Craig has rented the Craig-Moffat Airport from Moffat County for $1 a year.

Game pits Meeker against Harlem's 'other team'

The Harlem Ambassadors, not to be confused with that other basketball team from Harlem, will take on Meeker's best hoopsters during a game at Meeker High School at 7 p.m. Thursday.

Leonard John Deru


Basketball teams start WSC play with road wins

Boys find more threats just in time for league play

If the top priority this season for the Moffat County High School boys basketball team is to win the Western Slope Conference, they perfectly timed finding ways to win.

Basketball teams start WSC play with road wins

Girls team finds ways to win despite inconsistencies

It wasn't pretty at times but the Moffat County High School girls basketball team continued doing what it has for years in the Western Slope Conference -- win games.

People show patriotism in different ways

Patriotism is a relative concept.

Essay contest shows pledge still inspires

Members of Craig's Elks Lodge were pleasantly surprised with the results of a student essay contest they sponsored that asked middle school children to depict the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Donations could save Clubhouse

Council considers contribution to keep Shadow Mountain open

Agreeing to contribute $5,000 toward keeping Shadow Mountain Clubhouse open wasn't a decision Craig City Council members were ready to make at their Tuesday night meeting, but the consensus was favorable -- if certain conditions are met.

WWII veterans get chance to visit D.C.

World War II veterans in Colorado can take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity if they hustle.

Craig Police

Monday, January 12

Anna Lorene Cooper

Jacob Benjiman Martinez

Joseph L. (Larry) Witmer


Gene Eric Bittler, Jr.


Coming soon: A drive-in theater?

It's been more than a decade since residents have enjoyed a flick at Craig's drive-in movie theater, but that opportunity may come around again soon.


Edna Mae Paulson


Luttrell Barn may stay open, but fee increase likely

The Luttrell Barn used to be Craig's cultural center, offering a host of plays and exhibits. But that scene changed at least five years ago when the group in charge of operations, The Arts and Humanities, pulled out of town.

New parole officer fills enforcement hole

Full-time community corrections officer keeps tabs on 75 felons in two counties

The office of a the area's newest parole officer is largely unadorned for now, except for some pictures of his time in the service, some Harley- Davidson memorabilia and the essential office equipment.

Craig Police

Sunday, January 11

YVEA rate change is good news for some

The first electric bills of 2004 hit the mail late last week and they'll reflect both inreases and decreases for customers, a Yampa Valley Electric Association spokesman said.

Resident claims he found pioneer fort

Marvin Moore invests in his theory that 'real' Fort Davey Crockett uncovered

Moffat County resident Marvin Moore is pretty sure he's discovered the real site of Fort Davey Crockett, but now the local historian has scored the money to see if the theory rings true.

Making a difference

Mentors make positive changes

The two don't know it yet, but they're on the way to making huge differences in each other's lives.

Helen Pankey

Bessie Lighthizer


Diver, swim relay team qualify for state

The Moffat County High School girls swim team lost their meet to the eighth-ranked Glenwood Springs Demons on Saturday, 29-68, but the meet had its high points.

Vehicle fire interrupts

Craig Fire/Rescue extinguished a burning car in a rural subdivision Friday afternoon, kicking off a weekend that turned out to be really quiet, Fire Chief Roy Mason said this morning.

Jack E. Wilson


Craig Police

Students brave cold for P.E. III trip

For those of you who tossed and turned last night, unable to get some decent sleep, you can take comfort in the fact that someone actually had a more miserable night than you.

Trail marking, forest access focus of snowmobile association's quarterly meeting

It's a busy time of the year for members of the Northwest Colorado Snowmobile Club.

Bulldog wrestlers take second in duals

By the time the duals were over Saturday, nine Moffat County wrestlers had advanced to the mini-tournament.

Friday, January 9

Seven wrestlers finish first-day undefeated

Bulldogs have tough competition for the first-place slot in home tournament

With three duals, 21 matches that went the full three periods and more than five hours of wrestling, the Moffat County High School wrestling team earned some rest Friday night following the first half of the Dogfight Duals.

Boys come out with win against Palisade

The Moffat County High School boys basketball team won the first Western Slope Conference game of the season 53-48 Friday night against Palisade. Moffat County was down by three in the fourth quarter after leading most of the game.

Thursday, January 8

Area lawmakers say the squeeze is still on

Heading into a new legislative session, state legislators still have money on their minds.

'Don't Quit': Craig man gives students speech, hope

Physical therapist talks about exceeding expectations

They said he wasn't college material. And that he wouldn't amount to anything.

Craig police

Touch of spice

Who are we to question why?

You know, you do your best to add a little logic into parenting; the only problem is that children don't often respond well to rational arguments.

In the zone

Under the direction of its now part-time planner, Moffat County has updated a 26-year-old zoning map, the first step in a process that will improve planning, growth and development outside of the city limits.

County jobless rate up slightly

Tourism-related employment peaked in November; lag expected

The unemployment rate in Moffat County increased from 5.7 percent to 6.1 in November during a transitional period for seasonal work.

Reward offered in 'smash and grab' burglary

Moffat County Crime Stoppers is seeking information from citizens to assist an investigation of a burglary of a Craig jewelry store.

Fines, jail possible for police

Refusal to return pot could be costly

Attorney Kristopher Hammond has found himself in the middle of what he calls an "interesting irony."

County's first baby of 2004 arrives

When she gets older, Amelia Jane Seims might turn out to be a real go-getter. She was born two and one-half weeks ahead of her due date, becoming the first Moffat County baby of 2004.

Local air pistol shooters nationally known

While Craig's eastern neighbors boast of Winter Olympians, a program involving several of the country's best athletes in their sport is quietly developing in Moffat County.

Parental involvement makes a difference for students

What's the best way to get more parents involved in their child's education? That's the million dollar question, say officials at the Moffat County School District.

Swimmers set to host Demons

Last year, everywhere the Moffat County High School girls swim team looked it saw red.

Accident victim blames snowplow

The driver of a Subaru who caused a two-vehicle accident near Hayden last week has been cited by the Colorado State Patrol for careless driving that caused bodily injury.

Immigration reform 'not enough' residents say

'Guest visas' not fair to those establishing lives, homes in U.S.

In 1975, when he was five years old, Al Landa illegally entered the United States with his parents. He can remember being deported as a child.

Talk of the town

Each Saturday, four local residents will be a sounding board of opinion on topics both local and national. Check in each week to hear from your neighbors. This week's topic: What would make Moffat County a better place to live?

Commissioners get judical approval on surety bonds

Surety bonds for the Moffat County Board of Commissioners were approved in court by Judge Michael O'Hara on Friday.

Getting it straight

New treatment provides relief from lower back pain

A newly opened clinic in Craig is chipping away at the back pain epidemic that doctors say affects 21 million Americans.

Wednesday, January 7

Edna Mae Paulson


Task force to examine college system

A task force to oversee the possibility of overhauling the state's community college system was initiated earlier this week by Gov. Bill Owens.

All four Cougar teams pouncing on competition

What a difference a couple of hoses, pipes and an oversized refrigerator make. That's the consensus among the coaches of the four Craig Cougar Youth Hockey teams and the records show it.


County attorney fees more than doubled

Commissioners say increase is worth the expense

Although legal fees have increased since the Moffat County Board of Commissioners created a county attorney office, the expense has been worth it, county officials say.

Enrollment at Craig community college climbs

Officials ponder how to get everything under one roof

Twenty-year-old Molly Morse lined up Wednesday with a handful of other students to register for classes that start next week at Craig's Northwestern Colorado Community College (CNCC).

Commissioners, attorney correct bonding error

Moffat County Attorney Kathleen Taylor is moving to correct a longtime oversight in the state mandated bonding process for county commissioners.

Craig Police

Wrestlers ready to silence critics at Dogfight

The Moffat County High School wrestling team has heard the whispers.

Tuesday, January 6

Escaping notice

Moffat County Sheriff Buddy Grinstead does have a problem.

Fire/Rescue offers no free rides

A Craig Fire/Rescue unit responded to the scene of a car accident near Baggs, Wyo., Tuesday but was called off only miles from the state line after dispatchers reported that the victims already had been transported.

Gene Bittler Jr.

Eva Hindman

County takes first steps in updating zoning map

Last month Moffat County adopted an updated zoning map for the first time since 1978, completing its first step toward overhauling zoning regulations.

Sentencing sends message to dealers

Judge Mary Lynne James imposed a harsher sentence than what the 14th Judicial District Probation Department recommended when she sentenced a defendant on drug charges Tuesday.

Eastern medicine meets the Old West

Ancient healing method offers alternative to traditional medicine

Rita Petersen smiled serenely as the acupuncturist placed a needle right between her eyes. She said she felt completely relaxed.

Residents urged to prepare early for tax season

The taxman cometh, and area accountants warn that he'll be here before residents know it.

Monday, January 5

Gene Bittler Jr.

Robert Noland

Medicaid patients now eligible for dental service from van

Kids In Need of Dentistry expands program

A traveling dental office that recently changed its eligibility guidelines soon will arrive in the Yampa Valley and treat qualified patients for 10 percent of the cost of each procedure.

Nearly 100 Craig babies born in Steamboat

The Yampa Valley Medical Center in Steamboat Springs has not yet reported the birth of any babies from Moffat County families for the New Year.

Deputies track down escaped inmate

Sheriff says inmate workers pose no risk to community

An inmate at the Moffat County Jail was discovered missing nearly four hours after he was let outside to shovel snow at the facility Friday night.

Sunday, January 4

Hospital justifies its advertising budget

Official: Expenditure offers measurable results

Despite claims that The Memorial Hospital spends too much money advertising, and that county hospitals don't need to market themselves, TMH's community relations director, Pam Thompson maintains that the hospital's publicity efforts provide health education and produce measurable results.

Effort to help immigrant miners underway

Coal miner Francisco Picado of Craig is helping organize a relief effort for immigrant miners who lost their jobs after they complained about safety hazards and poor working conditions at the Co-Op coal mine in Emery County, Utah.

New editor joins Daily Press staff

Andy Smith, a veteran journalist who has worked as a reporter or editor for six newspapers in four states, has joined the staff at the Craig Daily Press as editor.

Fire causes 'moderate' damage

A structure fire Sunday night caused moderate damage to a rural home after a chimney pipe failed and ignited wood in the home's attic.

Snow X-ing

Sled races draw crowds to Loudy-Simpson

The snowmobile subculture moved into Loudy-Simpson Park Saturday and Sunday for the fourth race in the 2003-2004 Warrior Snocross season.

Girls defeat Grand Junction Central in

Teams have yet to come up with an answer for the inside play of the Moffat County High School girls basketball team, but Saturday in Grand Junction the big shot came from the outside as the Bulldogs defeated Central 58-56 in overtime.

Body artist

Each tattoo is a 'work of art' to designer Pam Wilson-Orth

Michelangelo had the Sistine Chapel. Monet had canvas. Pam Wilson-Orth's medium is the human body.

Heavy winter snowfall, heavy impact

Craig's heaviest snowfall of the season, which began Friday and kept falling into Saturday, had snowplow operators and law enforcement working longer hours to clean roads and attend automobile accidents.

Bulldogs lose to Class 2A Panthers

Rangely -- There is a trend starting to develop that the Moffat County High School boys basketball team would like to see come to an end. In the last two games for Moffat County, the Bulldogs' opponents bounced back from losses to have one of their best shooting nights to defeat the Blue and White.

Craig Police

Robert Noland

Thursday, January 1

Wrestlers condition their minds, bodies

When the word "January" is mentioned in front of a Moffat County High School wrestler, his natural reaction is to look for the nearest set of stairs and start running up them. Then he snaps out of it and talks about how the by-product of the 16 practices after Christmas break have molded state championship teams.

Quiet holiday typical in Moffat County

Law enforcement officials in Craig and Moffat County reported an uneventful New Year's Eve and only one DUI arrest.

Confusion over county-owned mineral rights

County employees unsure about contract details for current mineral and drilling leases

After years of confusion, Moffat County government personnel are working to organize records of county mineral rights that have been leased to the private sector.

Meth sentencing

April drug sweep nets fifth conviction

In a terse speech from the bench Tuesday, Judge Mary Lynne James sentenced a Craig man to five years in prison for selling methamphetamine in Moffat County.

Against the wind

California couple brings sport-kite flying to Craig

Motorists and pedestrians stopped Tuesday near Craig Middle School to gape at a man in short sleeves standing in a field of snow flying a kite.

Longtime library board member overlooked

Commissioners give appointment to newcomer

The Moffat County Board of Commissioners appointed two new members to the Craig/Moffat County Library Board this week, but the appointments came as somewhat of a surprise to some long-standing board members.

Study: Residents oppose wilderness designations

The results of a land use study indicate the majority of Moffat County residents favor multiple uses of federal land, and agree that federal land should not receive wilderness designations.

Reishus: Friction with police 'part of journey'

Former Craig nurse returns to U.S., denies alleged crime

For the second time in recent months, a former Craig nurse returned to the United States after friction with local authorities in Punta Gorda, Belize.

Snocross races expected to draw 300

Craig residents can expect to hear the rumble of snowmobile engines as 300 people descend on the city for the Warrior Snocross and Freestyle races in Loudy-Simpson Park on Saturday and Sunday at 10 a.m.

Boys basketball team waiting for shots to start falling

Mike LeWarne doesn't like the saying, "We're better than our record shows." But the Moffat County High School boys basketball coach knows that better things are to come for his Bulldogs, who are 2-3.

Girls b-ball resolution: fewer turnovers

Looking back at the month of December, two stats stick out at Moffat County High School girls basketball coach Craig Mortensen -- points in the paint and turnovers.

Craig police

Marguarette Shivley

Indigent healthcare threatened

County budget fallout reaches Care Clinic

An indigent care clinic at The Memorial Hospital will remain open for at least three more months despite county budget cuts that wiped out one of the clinic's major funding sources.

Five days of boarding

Maybe I didn't have the patience, or possibly I lacked the talent, but after a season of trying to master skiing I decided that I would attempt snowboarding this winter.

Businesses jump on low-carb bandwagon

Low-carbohydrate diets may be shrinking waistlines around Craig, but they're also adding to the bottom line for local food markets.

Touch of Spice

With all the new things that came our way this Christmas, I'm finding they brought a new need.