Recall process should be used only when absolutely necessary


To the Editor:

I would like to offer my insight to the developing recall of two of the county commissioners. Our form of government is a representative democracy where we elect members of our community to make decisions and govern our community. We have every opportunity to offer our input and advice to our commissioners either at public meetings or in private. Every four years we have the opportunity to elect new representatives if you do not like the way the former representatives have performed.

In the past, I have not agreed with all of the decisions of the county commissioners, but that should not give me the right to throw them out of office. I believe that we should use the recall process only when it is absolutely necessary to remove a public official from office. I would use the standard, which is used to impeach the president, which is "has the office holder committed 'high crimes and misdemeanors,' such as embezzlement and crimes involving moral turpitude?"

It seems to me that recently, there is a movement to convert our government to a participatory democracy so that the voters will vote on decisions, which were normally left to the elected officials. The result of participatory democracy is "mob rule" by an uninformed populace, which is not good for our community. I realize that a lot of people are experts of how to make decisions for the community. These experts have every opportunity to run for elective office.

Since I moved to Craig, I have witnessed two separate recall elections. The process is very costly in terms of finances and emotional stress on the community. The result of the recall elections is very detrimental to the individuals involved and the community as a whole. I believe that there are a lot of individuals who will refuse to serve as an elected official because of the ill will produced by the atmosphere generated by the recall process.

Therefore, I would urge you not to sign any recall petitions. In the event a recall election is held, I would urge you to vote not to recall the county commissioners. Sometimes, I think there is a recall virus, which has infected the community and it appears that the virus is triggered by a long cold winter.


Bill Lawrence,


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