Citizen on mission to stop criminal from hurting others


To the Editor:

I, Mr. Garrison, see by the Craig Daily Press where Judge Paul R. McLimans requested a copy of Mr. Don Manley's criminal records before he sentences him.

I am just a private citizen and father with a mission to try and stop Mr. Manley from ruining more lives like he did my daughter who is now in bankruptcy.

Perhaps Judge McLimans should ask Deputy District Attorney Dave Waite for a copy of the activities of Mr. Manley that I sent to him. Most of the papers were notarized statements from people that Mr. Manley owes money to. Plus I enclosed a copy of Mr. Mason Seidschaw's request to the State of Wyoming for Mr. Manley's early release from probation, because he stated that Mr. Manley was gainfully employed with AWS, who stated to me that Mr. Manley only worked three days before they terminated him.

Also Judge McLimans could petition the Colorado Bureau of Investigation of the Montrose County office for all of the criminal records on Mr. Manley.

Mr. Manley placed an ad in the Montrose Daily Press for his new business stating that he had attended and graduated from the University of Florida. The University had no record of him, but the law enforcement did have a record of him during that time.

In closing, my 6-year-old grandson asked to make a bomb like Mr. Manley showed him how to make.

Thank you,

George Garrison

Just a grandfather on a mission

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