Study of foreign language increases own language skills


By Foreign Language Instructors James Neton, Terri Harjes, and Rosie Lear

Greetings from the Foreign Language Department of Moffat County High School stashed away on the third floor. Our department is a small, cohesive and unified group made up of Terri Harjes, Rosie Lear and James Neton.

Research demonstrates that the study of foreign language dramatically increases a student's capabilities in their own language skills. Even though Craig is a rural community with the advent of the Internet and an increased global economy, our beautiful Yampa Valley is now globally connected. With the use of foreign languages, our sttudents will be on a more equal footing to go out into the world and compete economically. On a more down -to-earth basis, our state universities require two years of high school foreign language study for acceptance into the university.

On that note, we at Moffat County High School offer four levels of the two major foreign languages of the Americas: Spanish and French.

In our curriculum we cover all aspects of the language from grammar, everyday conversations, to real life scenarios using chapter vocabulary. With this type of curriculum we are working as a tight-knit collaborative team to improve the delivery of our instruction. We were the first department in the whole district to develop and implement common assessments. The assessments are aligned with state and national standards. These common assessments allow us to analyze and diagnose student learning and flow of curriculum before any gaps in a student's education occur.

Along with learning the language, we hope that our students will leave the hallowed halls of Moffat County High School and enter the world with a richer understanding of the world around them.

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