Group says recall needed despite timing


To the Editor:

The Concerned Taxpayers of Moffat County would like to respond to the Feb. 20 opinion column, "Timing still bad for a recall."

We agree that the damage has been done. But a recall is based on complaints surrounding that damage. Our present concerns are about what may happen if there is not a change in management. Through the recall process, we can control future events. It makes no sense to endure the remainder of the year in a status quo mode, and the 2005 budget must be drafted with a different vision.

Our group will soon announce candidates that are extremely qualified to assess and correct our financial crisis. These candidates have a strong business background and will be capable of the drastic measures necessary to put this county back on track.

The Craig Daily Press article stated "a new commissioner would be facing the same budgetary constraints that are already a fact of life for the commission." In our view it's worse than that. We must eliminate the degradation of our year-end cash balances, and control spending so that we increase cash on hand. The general fund can't be allowed to slip to $379,000 ever again. Even a minor local disaster would mean bankruptcy.

To that end, our group advocates the near dismantling of some non-statutory departments. In our view the Natural Resources Department constitutes a "publicly funded lobby" for the benefit of a few non-public entities. So long to that department. Other departments may be replaced with contract services from the private sector on an as-needed basis. Our candidates will assume more responsibility for budgetary and other matters and will delegate less. Non-essential assets and capital equipment may be sold to enhance the county's cash position. Additional measures will be taken until there is a balance between personnel, equipment, available funds and services provided.

Drastic? Yes!

Necessary? Absolutely!

Linda Booker,

spokesperson, Concerned

Taxpayers of Moffat County

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