Girl Scouts emphatic about sales


Becky Meek is one determined cookie salesman.

She stationed herself in Kmart's entrance and not a single customer could get past the Girl Scout, dressed in a cookie costume, without being stopped and asked, "Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?"

Meek would run at the customers, like she was on the attack. After she fell down once, her Scout leader, Troop 201's Bobbi McAlexander, told her to calm down.

"You can't sell cookies to everyone," she said.

But Meek's enthusiastic tactics were working. Within three hours, her troop had sold 60 boxes of cookies. Twelve of those boxes were going to the law enforcement officers at the Public Safety Center and fire fighters at Craig Fire District.

Girl Scouts bombarded Craig residents with cookie sales on Saturday and Sunday. Besides supporting the Girl Scout Troops, those who bought cookies also supported military troops stationed overseas, Moffat County Partners, Meals On Wheels, and Craig police and firemen.

It's called the Gift of Caring. When customers buy cookies for themselves, they can buy another box for the organization the troop is supporting. Customers could likewise leave their change with the troop to go towards more boxes of cookies.

Kasey Brown of Troop 200 found out about Hometown Heroes when she tried to sell a box of cookies to her aunt. Brown's aunt doesn't like cookies, so she didn't want any for herself. But she said she would buy a box for Hometown Heroes, an organization that puts together gift boxes for Western Slope soldiers stationed overseas.

Posted by the entrance to Kmart's driveway, Brown, her mother, Tamera, and Ciara Hickman, had received about 30 donations for Hometown Heroes. Anyone who made a donation could write a postcard to go along with the cookies. The troop hoped to collect 100 donations, Brown said. There are about 250 Western Slope troops stationed in Iraq.

In front of City Market, Troop 213 was having a slow day. Many girls were at the doorway, but not many people were stopping to buy cookies.

Troop 213 was raising donations for Meals On Wheels. While delivering meals to senior citizens, the organization would distribute the donated boxes of cookies as well.

Troop 52's cookie van was parked in the Safeway parking lot, an apparent hot spot for cookie sales. They'd only started selling at 10 a.m., but by noon they'd had to order more cookies, said troop leader Tylawn Smercina.

Troop 52 was raising money for Moffat County Partners for the mentoring organization to distribute as it sees fit. Shortly before driving the cookie van to the east side of town, they'd collected two cases of cookies for Partners.

Some of the troops will come out again the weekend of Feb. 28, depending on the success of their first sale. They can be found at K-Mart, Safeway or City Market.

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