Education is an art


By Noelle Winn, Choir Instructor; Ryan Lokteff, Band Instructor; and Tom Duncan, Art Instructor

Hello from the arts department. e are made up of art and music, and because we are so vastly different, here is a little about each of our respective departments.

The art department offers a variety of courses. ll art courses are designed to reach and enrich a part of the student not engaged in other classes. Basic art is a prerequisite course for students who wish to take more advanced drawing and painting courses. asic art focuses on first learning how to draw and shade basic slopes so they look three-dimensional, next applying these principles to students' own drawings, and moving on to basic perspectives and other drawings techniques. fter successfully completing basic art, students may elect to take art I through art IV, all courses dealing with drawing and painting in various media.

No prerequisite courses are needed for those students desiring to take the class sculpture I. culpture classes are great fun for students wanting hands-on work with carving and modeling. any types of materials are used including papier mache, clay, plaster, wire, wood, etc. ollowing sculpture I students may continue their exploration of sculptural ideas and techniques in sculpture II.

Independent study courses offer students many different avenues for exploring and learning more individualized areas of art, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional. These independent study courses are a wonderful way for serious art students to expand and supplement their art curriculum.

Along with an excellent art program, we also have a growing band program. Jazz band students start with an informal audition with Mr. Lokteff. This is to determine what students know and where they need to start in jazz. Students must know how to read music and have at least a little bit of experience on their instruments. azz band students will learn how to play in multiple styles including swing, rock, funk and Latin styles. A major component of all these styles is improvisation. n the process of playing, students will also learn about jazz history.

The first semester of the school year is time for marching band. Marching band students, which includes flag corps, learn routines combined with music to eventually create a field show. These shows are performed at football games and sometimes at competitions. The second semester is dedicated to concert band. hese students will have many performances including the holiday concert, Extravaganza, and various festivals. hese students also make up the band that plays at basketball games. n class, concert band students are learning mastery of their instruments, music theory, music history, and ear training

Finally, there is choir. he choir program consists of three different ensembles: jazz choir, chamber choir, and concert choir. azz choir is currently the top choir here at MCHS. here are fifteen members, six guys and nine girls. hey sing a variety of music from blues to pop. azz choir is a traveling choir. They have, and will continue to, erformed at various community events. This past December they performed for the Lion's Club Luncheon, and then for the Steamboat Ballet's presentation of The Nutcracker. This past month jazz choir was the opening act for the Craig Community Talent Show and performed at the Pregnancy Center Dessert Extravaganza on Feb. 13. Upcoming events the group will perform at inlclude the Solo and Ensemble in Soroco, and the Large Group festival in Parachute.

Chamber choir is the other audition choir at MCHS. eing slightly larger with nineteen students, we sing songs that work with more then 2-4 parts. Currently they are working on a challenging piece entitled Fire, Fire My Heart by Thomas Morley. t has five vocal parts that interweave throughout the entire song. t's a difficult piece that they are excited to share with the community during our next concert.

Concert choir is an ensemble for all who enjoy singing and want to learn how to sing better. e sing a variety of music from Latin to Broadway. Along with singing the students learn music theory, music history, and ear training. he students seem to have a lot of fun together, and put much work into what they do.

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