School could help Dinosaur get high-speed Internet access


The proposed Dinosaur charter school is looking to bring high-speed Internet access to Dinosaur.

Richard Blakley, Dinosaur Community Charter School Steering Committee chairman, presented the Moffat County Board of Commissioners with a proposal to start a partnership between the charter school and the Dinosaur Library.

Blakley offered to pave the library's parking lot and donate a minimum of four computers, valued at $1,000 each, to the library. The computers would be available for public use, Blakley said. Charter school students, in turn, would get to use the library.

"I can't see a downside to this," Commissioner Darryl Steele said.

The charter school has applied for a $10,000 grant to pave the parking lot, and is applying for a grant from the Colorado Department of Education to pay for Internet equipment and one year of Internet access.

No library board members were present at the meeting to share their views of the proposal.

Steering committee member Benjamin Graham told the commissioner board the current Internet access currently coming to Dinosaur is extremely slow. Although the library's computers are equipped with modems capable of downloading information at 56 kilobytes per second, they can only download information at about 28 kilobytes per second. The Internet signal slows down while traveling so far over phone lines to get to Dinosaur, Graham said.

He looked into getting a fiber optics line laid by MC Telecom, but the company told him they would charge between $7,000 and $10,000 a month for the line. That's not cost-effective, he said.

However, Dinosaur Network, an Internet service provider and networking company in Dinosaur, could provide high-speed Internet access using long-range modems similar to the communications modems used by the U.S. military during the war in the Persian Gulf. The modems Dinosaur Network would provide have 128-bit encryption and can be plugged directly into the existing network equipment at the library and school.

The commissioners said they would draft a letter in support of the partnership and encourage the library board to work with the charter school.

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