Federal land should remain multiple use


To the Editor:

Your article, "Monument drilling rights up for auction," of Feb. 12 was well written. However, the "environmental groups" and other opponents, have not or do not want to take the time or effort to assess the effects of their demand that there should be no gas/oil development at or near a national monument, wilderness area or proposed wilderness area. Proposed is just that. We have too much dependence on imported fossil fuels. Let us be self-sufficient with our vast reserves.

There are various individual landowners/taxpayers who collectively own thousands of acres intermixed with federal lands within the scope of this proposed lease area both adjacent to and within Dinosaur National Monument. Do those private landowners not have a right to make a decision whether to drill or not to rill on their properties and possibly recoup an income on their investment?

Those who have not invested their time and effort to own and maintain these private properties and associated mineral ownerships have no right to dictate a blanket opposition to progressive potential development.

Fortunately our Moffat County Commissioners and our county Land Use Board continually strive to protect private property rights and further "multiple use" to the benefit of the county and individual landowners.

Tim Mantle,


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