Survey 'a transparent attempt to support the position of TMH board'


To the Editor:
I read, with great interest, the article in the Craig Daily Press entitled "Residents oppose tax increase for hospital." That heading addressed the real issue. In the economic climate we presently find ourselves, no one wishes to agree to any additional taxes. Although the "survey" brought forth some interesting information, as predicted, it is a transparent attempt to support the position of the TMH board to build a new hospital at present the location.
Obviously who would deny building a new hospital if it could be done without tax support? However, there is no guarantee that the piecemeal building of a hospital would not need tax support. This issue was conveniently left out of the survey. And what studies have been done that support that it would cost five million dollars more to build a hospital at a different site?
Anyone living within a couple of blocks is in danger of losing their home or having the hospital at their doorstep if the piecemeal hospital is built. TMH has purchased many houses on Yampa and Russell streets with plans to tear them down for anticipated hospital expansion. Should TMH decide to further expand, it will undertake the same tactics by acquiring more homes and possibly looking to condemn the homes of those citizens that refuse to sell. If you live within several blocks of TMH you will always have the threat of further hospital expansion and the possible loss of your home continually at your doorstep.
As for the letter to the editor from Verniece Self, I was merely referring to a letter to the editor from Mr. John Kinkaid regarding the experience he reported wherein he was directed to the business office to settle up on his bill before leaving the hospital. I still agree with Mr. Kinkaid that this is a tactless way to handle a patient's hospital bill. It is gratifying to know that Verniece Self reads the letters I send to the editor and is willing to let her opinion be known. I wish her a speedy and wonderful recovery.
Kenneth L. Hall,
Las Vegas, Nev.

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