Keep Valentine's Day heart-healthy


One legend has it that Valentine's Day originated to commemorate the anniversary of the death of St. Valentine, a Roman clergyman who was executed on Feb.14, about 270 A.D. for secretly marrying couples in defiance of the emperor. According to another, the holiday began as a Roman fertility festival. Americans probably began exchanging handmade valentines in the early 1700s. In the 1840s, Esther Howland (1828-1904), a native of Massachusetts, began to sell the nation's first mass-produced valentines.

This Valentine's Day, take time to show your love and appreciation for those significant others in your life, but be cautious not to tempt them with an over-abundance of heart-clogging sweets. Someone once said "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." I have always wondered if this was a quote from a heart surgeon. (And don't forget that women are just as prone to heart disease as men.)

This year instead of the usual box of chocolates, how about taking your loved one skiing? Go for a walk together, get massages, soak in a hot springs, or dust off the family exercise equipment and challenge each other to begin using it regularly.

If you haven't already gotten step counters for yourself and your loved ones, pick some up at The Memorial Hospital. The Moffat County on the Move program is encouraging 10,000 steps a day to promote health and fitness.

We also encourage individuals and couples to take advantage of the CSU Extension Healthy Lunch program, the 10 Healthy Habits class offered by TMH, and the numerous fitness opportunities that CNCC and Trapper Health Center are offering.

For more information, contact Elisa at the CSU Moffat County Extension Office, 539 Barclay St., 824-9180.

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