Do you favor the construction of a new hospital or remodeling the hospital at its current site?


Sherma Ray
When the hospital was built that spot probably made perfect sense. I don't think it does anymore. In the time we have lived in Craig it has been through three expansions. They are running out of room at that location.
Let's say they expand, this time, at the same place and block Russell St.
All is good for a time, but where do they go when they need more room again? With all the new technology you know this is a when not a maybe.
I feel it would be much better to put it on land where they could expand as they need, better access for ambulances, and more parking. A different spot should make it more user friendly for flight for life also.
There comes a time when it is time to stop mending and buy new.

Tami Fager
I'll be the first to admit that I am new to the community and not as familiar with your hospital situation as many of you are.
My answer is based on previous communities I have lived in and listening to the comments that the citizens of Craig are making regarding the hospital dilemma.
It seems remodeling your current hospital facility and keeping it in its current location would make much more economic and financial sense.
I have seen new hospitals built and so much more money spent on administrative needs versus patient care.
The hospital is currently located in an excellent location with medical clinics nearby for easy access.

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