Alamosa resident admits role in so-called 'conspiracy'


To the Editor:

I read with great interest your story concerning the lawsuit filed by Commissioner Raftopoulos against alleged offenders of civil obedience and public conformity, Hathhorn and Taylor. Shame on them for exercising their First Amendments rights of free speech and freedom of association! Of course, Raftopoulos sees the freedom to associate as a "civil conspiracy" and freedom of speech as "defamation," but no big deal -- it only affects EVERY citizen's right to criticize public officials.

What is real surprising is the absence of certain other defendants that are involved in the "civil conspiracy." It has been said, "in such an action the major significance of the conspiracy lies in the fact that it renders each participant in the wrongful act responsible as a joint tortfeasor for all damages ensuing from the wrong, irrespective of whether or not he was a direct actor and regardless of the degree of his activity.'' If this be the case, the main conspirator who created the most damage to Raftopoulos is of course, Raftopoulos herself. She needs to immediately add her name as a defendant to the lawsuit and stipulate she is the direct "cause" of the "effect" of Hathhorn's and Taylor's actions.

Not to skirt my part in the conspiracy, I readily acknowledge that I am an "indirect actor" involved in the "civil conspiracy" as I supplied public documents, commentary and even written editorials that Hathhorn and Taylor relied upon to form some, part or even all their opinions. The degree of my involvement can only be determined through intense depositions under a hot spotlight while being tied to a chair and whipped to give answers. Don't forget that pulling of teeth may help in my confession of wrongdoing. According to Raftopoulos's view, this type of "inquisitional" questioning is appropriate, because if First Amendment rights are of no consequence, who cares about any other rights. Rights! Just a formality.

Now each person not identified in this "conspiracy" needs to give themselves up and take responsibility for their actions. If anyone supplied Hathhorn or Taylor with public records, private documents or talked to either of the above about the plaintiff or plaintiff's actions, you need to call Raftopoulos's attorney and request to be added as a defendant. I know this might involve half the people in Moffat County and many more around the state, but it is your public duty to take blame for your actions whether they be protected by the Constitution or not.

May this episode in Moffat County history remind us that "no good deed goes unpunished." Remind your children that speaking out against public officials that have done wrong will get them in trouble. You owe it to the children.

Ken Swinehart,

Alamosa, CO

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