Craig man faces federal charges


Federal charges will be brought against a Craig man who was arrested for weapons violations, Craig Police Chief Walt Vanatta said Wednesday.

The charges will be filed in U.S. District Court.

Lynn Horn, 42, was arrested Monday on charges of possession of a weapon by a previously convicted felon, theft by receiving and violating bail bond conditions.

The arrest stemmed from a felony menacing warrant obtained Sunday night after Horn allegedly threatened a female with a handgun, Vanatta said.

Horn has had numerous contacts with police in the last several months.

Horn was out on bail and had three active criminal cases in Moffat County prior to his arrest on Monday. Arraignment in all three cases was set for March 15. Charges in those cases include possession and distribution of methamphetamine and possession of illegal weapons. Police arrested Horn in December and allegedly found methamphetamine and an illegally modified "sawed-off" shotgun, according to court documents.

After that incident, Vanatta contacted federal agencies to assist in an investigation. He sought advice from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Vanatta said he was concerned about Horn's repeated weapons violations and was "seeking ATF input as to whether it could be prosecuted at the federal level."

Some of those agents were present for the arrest Monday.

Craig Police officers and Moffat County Sheriff's deputies participated in the arrest, along with federal agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency and the ATF.

Ten officers were present, Vanatta said.

The officers were part of a tactical team that was planning to descend upon the house where Horn was staying. A tactical team is another name for a SWAT team, Vanatta said. The team was in a briefing session when Horn left the residence in a vehicle driven by a woman, Vanatta said.

Police arrested Horn in the 1500 block of North Yampa Avenue. Police stopped traffic on the street for about 10 minutes while they made the arrest.

The officers conducted a felony traffic stop to apprehend Horn and the driver of the car, Sharon Sanborn, 42. In a felony traffic stop, officers keep their distance, issue instructions over a loudspeaker and bring suspects out of the vehicle at gunpoint.

"In this case, officers were well aware of Mr. Horn's propensity to have weapons. He had been making some threats out and about in the community," Vanatta said.

Officers allegedly found a .25-caliber handgun and an ankle holster on the passenger side of the vehicle where Horn was sitting. The handgun was reported stolen in December, according to police.

Sanborn, the driver, was arrested for possession of methamphetamine.

Horn faces new charges in Moffat County in addition to the federal charges. The District Attorney's office has filed two new criminal cases against Horn. One is related to the alleged menacing incident and the other brings charges that resulted from Monday's arrest.

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