Bush's immigration policy goes against country's best interest


To the Editor:

Incredibly, President Bush, sworn to defend our national interests and obey our laws, proposes that we reward ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS with legal residence (for three years at least, then give them the option of staying here longer legally in this country; that's amnesty by any other name notwithstanding).

As president, did he not swear to defend the United States from its enemies foreign and domestic, and charge our attorneys general with the enforcement of our national laws? It is outrageous that he has -- apparently -- now allowed himself to be misled by his top advisers. Bush desperately needs to listen to the American working-class people, not to Karl Rove, his chief political adviser.

As a Hispanophile who has lived in six foreign countries and traveled in many more, I appreciate America all the more. As a concerned citizen I am deeply disappointed in Bush -- and in those congressmen of both major parties, who for political reasons support his ill-conceived proposition. In time, illegal immigration will lead to a literal invasion of America by the poor from among the billions of people now living in abject poverty in Third World countries.

One of the biggest myths advanced by the utopian-minded open borders gang is that illegals cannot be stopped from entering. Tommyrot! Essentially they are saying we as a nation are no longer able to defend our borders . We can. All we need to do, according to Congressman Tom Tancredo, who knows whereof he speaks, is to reinforce our border guards with military troops until such time as a full complement of 40,000 border guards are on duty. A full complement of border guards using modern technology, including drones, can stop illegal crossings of our borders, north and south, dead in their tracks. By closing decisively our borders accompanied with an aggressive punishment of employers of illegal immigrants we can -- in short time -- solve the very serious problem of unlawful immigration. Unable to get jobs, most illegal aliens in America will drift back to their home countries, the countries which owe them a decent life.

At the same time we need to reduce the number of legal immigrants to a level reflecting our national interests, and insist that they assimilate into our culture.

If we are to remain a sovereign nation-state, we need to begin acting like one--with apologies to no other nation.

America is, as former Gov. Dick Lamm, has wisely said, the world's lifeboat: Overload it, and we all sink.

If we the people had a real voice, we would vote to close our borders, north and south and in between, to all except legal entries.

Charles L. King

Boulder, Colo.

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