On hold

New commissioners will fill vacancies on advisory boards


Vacancies on Moffat County advisory boards won't be filled until the new commissioner board takes office.

The Moffat County commissioners voted to table the appointments until the Jan. 11 commissioner meeting, when Tom Gray and Saed Tayyara will be sworn in as commissioners.

The decision to table the appointments follows a longtime county tradition of allowing new commissioners to fill board vacancies.

"I think the new board is the one that's going to be working with the board members that are appointed, so I think we need to do that (table the appointments) to preserve continuity," Commissioner Darryl Steele said.

The commissioners had been scheduled to fill the vacancies Tuesday. The boards advise the commissioners about how to decide particular issues.

The new commissioners will have to fill seats on the newly created Board of Appeals.

The county had to create this board after adopting the International Building Code.

The board will hear appeals to the commissioners' decisions about building and planning permits, and in turn advise the commissioners whether the original decision was justified.

The decision to table the appointments probably won't affect most board decisions, with the possible exception of the Colorado Rover Water Conservation District, a 15-county public water agency. Steele and Tayyara have said that they want that position to be filled by a seated commissioner and plan to draft a resolution to that effect.

That means former Commissioner T. Wright Dickinson probably won't be re-appointed to the river district. Dickinson has applied to serve another three-term on the board.

The county has not received any applications to fill vacancies on the Council on Aging, EMS Council and the Moffat County Library Board of Trustees. Steele suggested the new commissioner board might have to recruit people to serve on these boards, as well as the Board of Appeals.

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