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Commissioners disagree about when to name board members


The Moffat County commissioners might break a longstanding tradition today of allowing newly elected commissioners to appoint county Advisory Board members.

The commissioners are scheduled to fill vacancies on 10 advisory boards at 9 a.m.

Commissioner-elect Saed Tayyara is hoping they decide to let next year's commissioner board appoint the new board members.

"Those folks they're going to appoint, we are going to have to deal with them in the next four years, and I think it should be the prerogative of the new members (to appoint them)," Tayyara said.

Traditionally, outgoing commissioners have allowed newly elected commissioners to fill board vacancies, Tayyara said.

Tayyara has Commissioner Darryl Steele on his side.

In the past, Steele said, filling board vacancies was one of the first actions new commissioners take.

Steele plans to motion to table the appointments until the new commissioners have been sworn into office.

"I am definitely against this board of county commissioners making those appointments," Steele said. "I think it is only fair for the new board to appoint advisory boards."

The commissioners need to fill vacancies on the Moffat County Airport, Colorado River Water Conservation District, EMS Council, housing, land use, Maybell Community Center, and Moffat County Tourism Association boards, the Planning Commission, and the Library Board of Trustees.

The Colorado River Water Conservancy appointment likely will cause disagreements, Steele said. The conservancy is a 15-county public water agency.

Traditionally, a county commissioner has served as Moffat County's representative on the conservancy. But when T. Wright Dickinson's term as commissioner expired two years ago, he was allowed to continue serving on the river district board.

Steele would like to appoint a seated county commissioner to the river board. But Dickinson has applied for another three-year term.

If the new commissioners were to fill board vacancies, a seated commissioner would serve on the river board, Steele said.

"It would be my intention as soon as the board gets on to ask for a resolution saying that the Colorado River Water Conservation District (representative) be a seated commissioner," Steele said.

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