Counterfeit $100 bill puzzles Craig police


A legitimate-looking security strip on a recently passed counterfeit $100 bill is baffling Craig police.

Lt. John Forgay of the Craig Police department said an employee at MJK Sales & Feed took the bill that was reported to police Wednesday. The bill was deposited at Community First Bank, but it was returned to the store after bankers discovered it was illegitimate.

Forgay said the MJK employee was correct in marking the bill with a counterfeit-detecting pen, but the small inconsistencies in bill make it difficult to determine that it is a fake.

"I didn't think anybody was that smart to be doing that," Forgay said of the bill's security strip. However, the bill is missing its characteristic micro-printed numbers and borders.

Police reported a rash of counterfeit bills in varying denominations in Craig in mid-September. The notes ranged from $5 to $50, with four of the high-dollar notes being passed in one week. Those fake bills had a couple of characteristics in common. They were printed on paper that is darker than a legitimate bill; and they had a different feel than a genuine note. Those notes were shiny and some had corners with white tips, Forgay said.

No counterfeit bills have been reported to police since September until police recently received the fake $100 note.

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