Man says neighbor threatened him


A renter at the Simmons Rooms apartment complex told police another renter threatened to slit his throat with a pocketknife demanding back $8 for a pack of cigarettes and some energy bars that he had lent the man.

Steven Fletcher, 38, told police that his neighbor Earl Kent, 32, had pulled a knife on him Dec. 3, demanding repayment for the borrowed goods. Fletcher made the call into police from the nearby hospital after fleeing the apartment complex, because he said he was afraid to call from his house.

Later on that evening on Dec. 3, Fletcher allegedly brandished a hatchet at Kent, according to the police report. Kent told police that he was was unfazed by the incident and went to bed.

Police didn't find either of the reported weapons at the complex, Craig Police Department Lt. John Forgay said, but the two renters reportedly have made amends.

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