Library discussion scheduled

County to meet with Booker Dec. 21


The Moffat County Commissioners will move forward with a discussion about removing Linda Booker from the Moffat County Libraries Board of Trustees.

The commissioners have set a tentative date of Dec. 21 to meet with Booker during a regular commissioner meeting. They will discuss whether they have due cause to remove her from the board.

Moffat County Commissioner Les Hampton motioned to remove Booker from the board during a special meeting Thursday. A letter written by library board member John Ponikvar and delivered to Hampton by an unidentified library board member prompted Hampton's actions.

Hampton made the motion even though no items related to Booker or the library were on the special meeting agenda. The meeting had been hastily called to approve a lease for a van to transport inmates of the Moffat County Jail. It was an emergency, because the jail's only other van wasn't functioning, the commissioners said Tuesday.

Hampton said he wasn't sure whether he would have done anything differently during that meeting.

"I honestly don't know ... I was probably premature, yes," he said.

Commissioner Darryl Steele seconded Hampton's motion and then asked that it be tabled so he would have more time to think about it and so it could be brought before Commissioner Marianna Raftop-oulos, who was not in attendance at the meeting.

Steele denied that the commissioners' discussion broke Colorado state statutes.

"I don't feel there was any violation of the law there, because there was no action taken whatsoever," Steele said.

According to Colorado state statute, a library board member can only be removed from the board if that person has violated the board's bylaws or if the county commissioners find due cause to remove the board member.

But due cause is not defined by the statute.

The library's bylaws state that a member can be removed from the board if the member misses more than four meetings, breaches confidentiality or fails to disclose a conflict of interest.

Ponikvar said the commissioners were never meant to receive the letter.

Hampton said the letter proved that Booker was not serving on the board with the best interest of Moffat County in mind.

Booker declined to comment when contacted Monday.

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