The Eisenhauer family, the Meckly family, the Clements family, the Checketts family, the Gilford family, the Cass family: Craig


To the Editor:
Thanks to the people and friends of Ike Eisenhauer. Thanks to all the friends and business people who sent cards and flowers to the family. Also, we want to thank the sisters from the Kingdom Hall who made a delicious dinner for all.

The air ambulance from Steamboat Springs did a wonderful job taking Ike to Ft. Collins, and bringing him home again. Also, the Craig ambulance crew need a big thank you . Words can't express the heartfelt feelings that we all felt when the flowers, food and cards came.

There are too many names to remember at a time like this to send thank you to but, we hope a "Big Thanks" will do to all who remember Ike. He will be missed by many of us.

Donations can be made to the Craig Hospice in Ike's name. These people do a marvelous job.

The Eisenhauer family

The Meckly family

The Clements family

The Checketts family

The Gilford family

The Cass family


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