Real estate transactions for July 2004


n Seller: Gladys O. Murphy Trust

Buyer: Ray K. & Janet L. Pearcey

Property: Agriculture T8N R91W S31 Parcel B

Price: $60,000

n Seller: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Buyer: Charles M. Gomez

Property: Craig Original Lots 14-16, Blk. 32, Desc., 540 Rose St.

Price: $41,500

n Seller: Veldon W. & Colleen Behrman

Buyer:, Marvin D. Cortner & Roger B. Corey

Property: Colleen Minor Lot 1 (1/2 Int), 195 Clay St.

Price: $42,500

n Seller: Veldon W. Behrman & Marvin D. Cortner

Buyer: David E. Teeter & Joseph L. Herod, D/B/A HTP Enterprises, LLP

Property: Colleen Minor Lot 1, 195 Clay Ave.

Price: $125,000

n Seller: Federal National Mortgage Association

Buyer: Wendy A. Palmeter

Property: Agriculture, Lot 12, Santistevan Parcels II, 404 Courtney Run

Price: $155,500

n Seller:Jessie G. Gorham

Buyer: James W. Brown II & Julie Ann Caporale

Property: Riverview Sub Lot 7, Blk. 2, 302 Bonderud Ave.

Price: $218,400

n Seller:William J. & Gloria E. Harris

Buyer: Terry & Larry Backes

Property: Weber Minor, Lot 1, Filing No. 3, 195 Harris Dr.

Price: $160,000

n Seller: Peter Epp

Buyer: Douglas G. & Karen Tussey

Property: Craig Original, 2 Tracts in Blk. 39, m/b desc, 402 & 410 Barclay St.

Price: $130,000

n Seller:Kimberly S. Zimmerman & Marylou Wisdom

Buyer: Justin K. Pankey & Carrie B. Ogle

Property: Shadow Mountain Lot 13, Blk. 1, 2250 Cottonwood Ave.

Price: $73,000

n Seller: Dave & Jenny Meyer Family Trust

Buyer: Sergio Zendejas

Property: Craig East 1-4 Lot 13, Blk. 1, Filing No. 4

Price: $13,500

n Seller: Jason C. & Amie E. Smith

Buyer: Trent W. & Dawn N. Arnell

Property: Meadows Lot 9, Blk. 7, Filing No. 2, 175 Barker St.

Price: $147,000

n Seller:Steven C. Miller

Buyer: Michael Lee Lewarne

Property: Mount View L15-24, B11 & L8-12 B12, 1120-1170 Yampa Ave.

Price: $192,000

n Seller: Charles Richard Kelly, Jr.

Buyer: Gregory A. & Laurie E. Bendetti

Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 552, Filing No. 7

Price: $9,500

n Seller: Winslow Family Trust

Buyer: Terry W. & Kimberly D. Conci

Property: Pineridge Lot 29, Blk. 6 of the Rplt.

Price: Interest -- NO TRANSFER; $5,000

n Seller:Roy J. & Cora M. Scott Revocable Trust

Buyer: Darrin C. & Melissa J. Prestangen

Property: Agriculture T7N R91W S17 L5-8

Price: $200,000

n Seller: Lynn & Ella & Shawn Curtis

Buyer: Geraldine & James M. & Rebecca J. Forquer

Property: Craig View Lot 29A, Blk. 32, 603 E. 7th St.

Price: $75,000

n Seller: Brad L. & Sherinda L. Keadle

Buyer: Gary J. & Kayleen R. Leonard

Property: Crest Village Lot 2, Blk. 4, 735 Finley Ln.

Price: $157,000

n Seller: Durose Enterprises

Buyer: James J. Kelly

Property: County Res/Subs T6N R91W S2 m/b desc.

Price: $29,000

n Seller: Yvonne Fredrickson

Buyer: James T. & Kathy Kunc

Property: Rosedale Addition Lots 3-5, Blk. 8 Desc.

Price: $11,000

n Seller:Sharon L. & Christopher D. Richmond

Buyer: Anthony J. & Jennie L. Delgado

Property: Wilderness Ranch Lots 683-684, Filing No. 8

Price: $12,500

n Seller:Richard G. & Lydia L. White

Buyer: Kristopher Richard Plate

Property: County Res/Subs T7N R92W S34 m/b desc., 306 County Road 81

Price: $84,000

n Seller:Jerry L. & Donna Sue Thompson

Buyer: John W. Counts

Property: Ridgeview Sub Lot 11, Blk. 5, Filing No. 2, 788 Riford Rd.

Price: $139,000

n Seller: Kirk D. & Trisha Smith

Buyer: Robert Vail & Mary Johanna Barnes Trusts

Property: Shadow Mountain Lots 5-6, Blk. 3, Filing No. 1, 1001 Aspen Ave.

Price: $78,000

n Seller: Melvin L. & Joan C. Snyder

Buyer: Michael A. & Betty J. Fredrickson

Property: Craig Mis T6N R90W S5 m/b desc., 2615 E. Hwy. 40

Price: $160,000

n Seller: William J. & Shirley Beamer

Buyer: Douglas A. & Debbie J. Mcintyre

Property: Agriculture T6N R95W S2-3 m/b desc.

Price: $300,000

n Seller:John C. & N. Lynn Stehle Trust

Buyer: Tad A. & Dixie Osmun

Property: Agriculture T7N R91W S25 m/b desc.


n Seller: Oakwood Acceptance Corporation, LLC

Buyer: Roy Peterson

Property: Shadow Mountain Lot 4, Blk. 7, 1039 Sequoia Ave.

Price: $30,000

n Seller: Wesley A. & Kathy Innes

Buyer: Neil & Jill V. Mccandless

Property: Frontier City Blk. 2, Unit 1 Patterson Condos

Price: $48,333

n Seller: Wesley A. & Kathy Innes

Buyer: Neil & Jill V. Mccandless

Property: Frontier City Blk. 2, Unit 4 Patterson Condos

Price: $48,333

n Seller: Wesley A. & Kathy Innes

Buyer: Neil & Jill V. Mccandless

Property: Frontier City Blk. 2, Unit 5 Patterson Condos

Price: $48,333

n Seller: Charles F. Doehling,

Buyer: Douglas W. & Geraldine Brady

Property: Agriculture T5N R98W S20,21,28,29 Desc.

Price: $30,000

n Seller: Barbara A. & Gary J. Woods

Buyer: Patrick J. & Donna R. Bratton

Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 471, Filing No. 6

Price: $8,000

n Seller: Wayne K. Fredrickson & Michael Paternoster,

Buyer: Brandon J. Barnes

Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 207, Filing No. 3, NO TRANSFER

Price: $16,500

n Seller: Flanders Living Trust

Buyer: James A. Flanders

Property: Shadow Mountain Lot 14, Blk. 3, 905 Aspen Ave.

Price: $83,000

n Seller:Robert A. & Laura J. Glad

Buyer: Michael W. & Kathy D. Perkins

Property: Craig East 1-4 Lot 3, Blk. 6, Filing No. 3, 687 Moffat Dr.

Price: $85,500

n Seller: Charles L. Sadvar

Buyer: Angel & Hipolito Almaraz

Property: Glen Erie Sub Lot 4A, Blk. 8 of the Replat, 1394 Lecuyer Dr.

Price: $12,000

n Seller: Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp

Buyer: Joe Ence

Property: Sunset Addition Lots 5-6, Blk. 7, 672 Pershing St.;

Price: $65,500

n Seller: Jimmy T. & Kathryn A. Duran Revocable Trusts

Buyer: Alan Curtis & Joan Marie Cashion

Property: State Addition Lots 32 & S2 31, Blk. 3A, 243 Sandrock Dr.

Price: $115,000

n Seller: Don E. & Laura L. Christensen

Buyer: Virgil W. Vowels

Property: Willow Creek Cove Lots 1-7;

Price: $145,000

n Seller: Leonard F. Scott

Buyer: Kristine Stinnett

Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 498, Filing No. 7

Price: $7,500

n Seller: Rodney F. & Sharon A. Sherrill

Buyer: Charles A. & Trudy L. De Vries

Property: Westview Sub A Parcel known as County Park, 330 Barbara Dr.

Price: $205,000

n Seller: Archie & Ragan Shawn Neil

Buyer: Kendall C. & Sheila M. Pluym

Property: State Addition Lots 7-9, Blk. 2, Filing No. 2, 938 Pershing St.

Price: $179,000

n Seller: Ernest E. & Madaline A. Debaca

Buyer: William T. & Donna R Stewart

Property: Craig East 1-4 Lot 36, Blk. 1, Filing No. 2, 830 Bridger Cr.

Price: $149,000

n Seller: William T. & Donna R. Stewart

Buyer: Frank Thomas & Jana Beth Schmedeke

Property: Craig Original Lots 9-11, Blk. 23, 660 Barclay St.

Price: $108,000

n Seller: Gregory Lee Rudolph -- PR Barbara Banks Rudolph

Buyer: Phillip Wade Johnson

Property: Woodbury Addition Lot 14, Blk. 3, 387 Cedar Cr.

Price: $139,000

n Seller: Rev. William W. & Joan Elaine Stratman

Buyer: Craig Mennonite Church

Property: Country Res/Subs T7N R91W S35 m/b desc

Price: $64,000

n Seller: Erlinda T. Lira

Buyer: Alfred Cisneros & Luis H. Garcia & Michael Delelio

Property: Agriculture T5N R91W S33 L18, Undivided 1/6 interest -- CORRECTION

Price: $7,500

n Seller: Joseph Nathan Boltz -- PR

Buyer: Jane C. Krogman

Property: Frontier City Sublot 1, Fremont Townhouses, 530 1st Ave. West

Price: $87,000

n Seller: Jay L. Wagner

Buyer: Wagner Ranches LLC

Property: Rio Grande INd. Park Lot 1, Blk. 3, 250 W. 1st St.

Price: $45,000

n Seller: Cynthia Jane Wakefield

Buyer: V.A. Burn

Property: Country Club Lot 3, Blk. A, Filing No. 2, 1006 E. 7th St

Price: $60,000

n Seller:William E. a/k/a William Hammons

Buyer: Don Edward Bantam

Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 259, Filing No. 4

Price: $16,000

n Seller: Delbert F. & Diana Lynn Knez

Buyer: Jean Ann Shelton

Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 195, Filing No. 3

Price: $25,000

n Seller: Scott Ray & Sheila Marie Brennise

Buyer: Sherry M. Mitchell

Property: Agriculture Parcel A of Brennise Exemption

Price: $60,000

n Seller: Cynthia J. Wakefield

Buyer: Jerry Monger

Property: Rosedale Addition Lots 16-17, Blk. 2, 632 Colorado St.

Price: $23,400

n Seller: Patrick W. & Jennifer Germond

Buyer: Rosa A. Perez

Property: Jensen Mobile Home Lot 5, Blk. 1, Filing No. 3, 1547 Barclay St.

Price: $51,600

n Seller: Clint R. Wagner

Buyer: Peter C. & Renee F. Engel

Property: Westview Sub Lot 16, 388 Barbra Dr.

Price: $152,000

n Seller: Marlene J. Griffin

Property: Donald R. Griffin

Property: Craig East 1-4 Lot 14, Blk. 2, Filing No. 1, 2136 Williams Ln.

Price: $4,000

n Seller:Barbara & Mac Jameson (DECEASED)

Buyer: Steven E. & Rene E. Treat

Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 770, Filing No. 8, Only Transferred Barbara's Int.

Price: $20,000

n Seller: April L. & Alexander E. & Cathy L. Soron

Buyer: Tom & Claire Worster

Property: Craig East 1-4 Lot 17, Blk. 3, Filing No. 3, 2020 Crockett Dr.

Price: $32,000

n Seller: John F. & Shirley J. Caines

Buyer: George E. & Sharon Y. Durham

Property: Harris Park View Lot 1, 725 S. Ranney St.

Price: $290,000

n Seller: Anton W. Fredrickson

Buyer: Yvonne Fredrickson

Property: Victory Addition Lots 21-22, Blk. 4, 410 Washington St.

Price: $80,000

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