Paul E. Jones: Ridgeway, Ill.


To the Editor:
I wish to thank the editor of this newspaper, who published a few months ago my request for responses from those veterans who served in the Civilian Conservation Corps during the years of the Great Depression (1930-'41). I had requested their nostalgic memories of their experiences during their enlistment -- the good, the bad and the ugly; where they worked; the tools they used; their lives under Army supervision; how their $1a day pay aided their families; also, how many millions of the boys took classes for a trade that furthered their career later in life; and finally how training under Army regulations primed them for quick promotions in their military service in World War II a few years later.

From all the responses that I received, I found all considered their time spent in the CCC was one of th greatest periods of life -- all revered their service and would do it all over again.

I have just completed (from their responses) my documentary, a 160-page book titled, "The forgotten boys of the Civilian Conservation Corps, who enlisted as boys and were discharged as men." The book is now available. Write or call Paul E. Jones, P.O. Box 608, Ridgway, IL (618) 272-3031.

Paul E. Jones
Ridgeway, Ill.

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