CNCC boosts fall numbers


More students than ever are attending the Craig campus of Colorado Northwestern Community College according to enrollment figures.

Roughly 120 full-time students and a total of 469 students are enrolled for the fall term, CNCC officials said. This year's numbers reflect 28 more full-time students than last fall, and a total of 31 more students.

"We feel really good about it," Vice President Dean Hollenbeck said. "Our numbers are extremely healthy and they're up from last year."

Increased enrollment helps the college in its state appropriations, which this year is $4.1 million for all campuses under CNCC, Hollenbeck said.

Increases in the student body also may help bridge some of thousands of dollars in cuts the college may have to make in upcoming years, he added.

But, a bustling Craig campus Tuesday -- with its full parking lot of students' vehicles -- was a welcome sight for administrators.

CNCC is offering its second year of a nursing program that is bringing with it new science, biology and math classes -- and new students into the program and school.

During the first few days of the semester, CNCC administrators keep close tabs on fluctuations in enrollment to customize class sizes, Hollenbeck said.

For the past few semesters, students have had the opportunity to enroll online, which some did Tuesday, Hollenbeck said.

"We're looking forward to a great semester," he said. "The no parking spots show how our college is growing."

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