Mark Lapinskas: Baggs, Wyo.


To the Editor:
My name is Mark Lapinskas and I started as police chief with the Baggs, Wyo., Police Department in February. I have worked in law enforcement in Alaska and Kansas since 1991.

In July, the State Farm Insurance Co. provided a grant to the Baggs Police Department for the purchase of an in-car video camera and a hand-held LIDAR (laser speed detection unit). This equipment will be used to ensure traffic safety in the Baggs area.

The in-car video recorder will be able to record on video and audio from inside the patrol car. It will record the contacts on the road that are made.

The LIDAR is a speed detection device and is hand held. This gives more mobility to the instrument. It is newer technology and is accurate.

These pieces of equipment will enable the police to detect speed violators and record the contacts for officer safety and possible evidence. Wyoming Highway 789 and Highway 70 provide access for motorists in the Baggs area. As of recent, and through the years there has been an increase in traffic and with new oil and gas operations in the area it is thought to increase further. Seasonal activities also bring more motorists through Baggs.

This equipment will assist in the school year in keeping the school children safe as there is a school pedestrian crossing on Wyoming Highway 789 and Wyoming Highway 70 that children use to get to school.

I would like to thank State Farm Insurance for their generous donation to the Baggs Police Department for making the purchase of this equipment possible. The equipment is on order and should arrive within 30 days.

Mark Lapinskas

Baggs, Wyo

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