Don't forfeit your right to complain


I am a firm believer in our rights. I am old enough to be able to look back into the past and determine that we have already lost some of our rights, even during my lifetime. I do not always agree with these losses. However, losing these rights because times have changed, or through carefully thought-out legislative action which changes existing laws, or through common-sense modifications are easier for me to accept than not being able to have any choice in a matter.

The act of voting is a formal expression of choice or opinion. Every registered voter has the right to such expression, either positive or negative. Whether we agree or disagree, we still have a choice if we exercise our right to vote. If we do not choose to vote, we've given this constitutional right away, of our own free will. We can no longer help advocate, decide or make known our choices in an acceptable manner. Also, if we do not choose to vote on candidates or ballot issues, we have forfeited our right to complain, if things don't always go as we wish. Reality in politics is what voters decide is real.

Though I retired in 1999 after working for Moffat County for 22 years, I still believe in and love the people of this county and our way of life. More than ever before, insight into tomorrow means the difference between success and failure. Please help choose quality candidates, help decide issues and preserve our freedom of choice by joining me in encouraging our families, friends and neighbors to vote. Coming together is a beginning ... keeping together is progress. . . working together is a success. Woody Allen said, "80 percent of success is showing up." Let's show up and work together to make election turnouts in Moffat County bigger and better than they've ever been!

Thank you.

I'll see you at the polls; I'm serving as an election judge.

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