Clucking good time at the fair


Australorp, Buttercup, Crebalaya and Bantam are some exotic names for a common barnyard animal: the chicken.

But the humble bird comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors as proved by the chickens on display Friday at the Moffat County Fair.

Some breeds are better for egg production; some for meat and some are good for both.

There were some that are just ornamental and others that are especially hardy for this area.

There were more that 30 shown and more than 50 spectators on hand to view the judging.

"Some people don't think of chickens as birds," said Ari Osborn who is known in the area for his expertise in chickens.

Osborn said he had his first chicken at the age of 3 and spent several years showing chickens at the fair.

Though he does not show anymore, he said he still has chickens and comes every year to check them out.

"They are really neat animals. Some are very affectionate and not really very hard to take care of," he said.

Osborn said his place is known as the "retirement home for chickens" and he joked about being called "the chicken czar."

"I don't really mind -- in fact I kind of like it," he said. "I use it as my buyer name on eBay."

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