Rizzuto to attend board meeting


Bob Rizzuto, the new chief administrative officer of Colorado Northwestern Community College is busy tying up loose ends at Front Range Community College and opening new doors at CNCC.

Rizzuto was named interim chief in July by the State Board of Community Colleges and will serve here for the next year or until the state board chooses another president.

Rizzuto is on a year's leave of absence from his position as vice president at Front Range Community College. He has been juggling the start of his job here and wrapping up there for the last 10 days. He plans to be on campus full time next week.

"I needed to tie up some projects and work with the new person for a few days," he said, "There was also two (Colorado Community College) system meetings, one for budget and the other for system presidents I needed to attend."

Rizzuto said he is excited about the challenge he has been presented.

"The staff is an amazing group of talented people, and I look forward to working with them," he said.

Members of the state board said their main purpose in bringing Rizzuto on board was to take the flak that may come during this year's budget cuts.

"It is just part of the job I was sent here to do. The hope is that we can cause CNCC to be more attractive to potential presidential candidates," he said. "It is about change."

According to the CCC, there are not as many qualified candidates looking at Colorado for career opportunities. Many think budget cuts are one reason for candidates not flocking to Colorado as they once did. The Colorado Community College system is looking at everything it can to keep people here and attract new talent.

"We want all the colleges in the system to shine," Rizzuto said. "I think I can be an asset for CNCC."

Rizzuto said he has met some staff and faculty and looks forward to the start of school.

"It is still about the students, whether CNCC, Front Range or any of the other schools in the system. There is the reward," he said.

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