Linda Knoche: Craig


To the Editor:
A letter of appreciation to all those who helped with my granddaughter, Shaye LeBlanc, after the tragic accident when she was struck by a truck in her Hayden neighborhood.

First of all, thank you to Calvary Baptist Church. Thanks to Janet Wright for calling the prayer chain and Pastor Rod Compton for his concern, support and phone calls. We heard other churches in the community had her on their prayer chains too. Thank you.

For all the teachers and administrators who called with their support, thank you. Thanks to the staff at Moffat County Library for their support and concern. Most of all, thanks to the emergency workers on the ambulance and the plane to Children's Hospital. They are a great team and we can't thank them enough. The staff at the Steamboat hospital was excellent in helping us to understand what was going on and gave us a crisis person's support -- especially Eva Hinkle, an ambulance worker, for giving so much of her own time to stay with us.

The neurosurgeon said most of the time, patients with severe head injuries like this are in the hospital for a month. Shaye is home now. God bless you all.

Linda Knoche


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