4-H projects go on display at county fair


Tuesday proved there is more to 4-H than livestock. Cooking, quilting, shooting, small engines and even rocket building are just some of the clubs offered to youth in the region through 4-H and Tuesday was the day for members to show off their work.

Elisa Shackelton, CSU cooperative extension agent, said interest has increased during the last four years in general 4-H activities. "Parents are looking for activities that teach kids something while they're having fun," she said. "4-H is ideal for that."

Stacy Earl said Clover Buds, a 4-H club for younger members, was great for her 6-year-old daughter Charli.

"Clover Buds is the beginning and they did so many fun projects," Earl said. "She is so excited about showing off the T-shirt she made."

Shackelton said members are required to keep a record of their projects, attend meetings and, during 4-H Completion Day, interview with a project judge.

"Kids gain knowledge and acquire skills they may use the rest of their lives," she said. "This is sometimes the child's first experience being interviewed."

Brenna Ciesco's dad, Tim, hopes she continues to make her English muffin bread, something she learned in 4-H. "It is really good," he said, "She is just a great bread maker."

Shackelton said 4-H provides children with many opportunities to interact with other kids as well as adults. They learn skills in record keeping, math and writing and have an opportunity to share their likes or dislikes with each other.

"Maybe it is woodworking or knitting -- it might become their hobby and something they do when they are in their 80s," she said. "It allows that creative side to develop."

Shackelton said this is the time to come and see what 4-H is about and for parents to bring kids and view the finished projects.

"Kids may find something that might interest them," she said.

Extension Agent Nate Balstad said all the projects will be on display under the grandstands at the Moffat County Fairgrounds until Saturday. Projects that qualify for the State Fair will be returned to the Extension Office and be transported to Pueblo. by Aug. 17.

"We take care of the general 4-H projects headed to the State Fair. The livestock is a different story ---- they have to haul their own," Balstad said.

The extension office is always looking for adults to lead clubs. "If you have a hobby or a talent you are willing to share, we probably have some youth interested," Shackleton said.

Costs associated with general 4-H clubs is about $15 along with the cost of materials for the project. More specific club information and next years registration dates are available at the Extension Office.

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