Help workers get out vote


I spoke to a 6-year-old at the courthouse last week, and asked her whether she knew what voting meant. She said, "Yes." I asked her why she thought it would be important to vote, and her response made me smile.

"I think it's important because that's how God knows that you got out of bed that day."

Imagine how many people would turn out to the polls on election Tuesdays if all we needed was a reason, any reason?

Aside from the civic responsibility to cast your ballot and take an active interest in the direction that your county, state and nation take, eligible voters should also take an active interest in preserving the democratic process that millions of Americans have fought to defend.

As a local employer, I feel a sense of duty to make certain that the employees at the Craig Daily Press have the time to vote on election Tuesdays. I encourage other business owners to do the same -- go one step further than allowing your employees time off to vote, encourage them to take advantage of that time. Businesses in our community depend on the democratic process and depend on qualified candidates who will do the best job of managing the affairs of the city, county and state that we live in -- help your employees take an active interest, and make it easy for them to do so.

To not take part in the democratic process is to waste an incredible power that we possess -- the power to effect change and make a difference.


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