Letters for Aug. 9


Officers doing their jobs

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to an article in Friday's paper about our probation officers Mason and Fuchs. I think what was said about them was uncalled for. I feel that these men are doing their jobs. I don't blame Fuchs for putting Mr. Seltzer back in jail -- he said he needed to leave Craig for work purposes, not to attend a concert or go fishing -- he should have felt privileged -- some people can't even get the freedom he got. I think these men do a great job to keep our children, streets and town safe. I speak from experience, as I too was in the system so to speak, and on probation for some time. I had to pay fines and do community service, and at the time, I too felt like I got a raw deal. It took all of this to realize how bad I messed up, and that I chose the wrong people to be around. I paid for what I did and accepted it, because only you can make your own choices. I learned from my mistake with the help of counseling and my probation officer, who was Mason, and I'm grateful for everything he did for me. I was finally able to understand that what I did was wrong -- and to accept that.

I think probation is great, and it does help. They do care. But, you have to meet them half way. You have to want to change, and want the help, or it will never get better and you will end up in the same situation over and over again with no one to blame but yourself.

So Mason and Fuchs, keep up the good work. There are people out there who stand behind our law enforcement 100 percent. Good job guys.

Jeannie Carranza

Craig resident

Way to work together

To the Editor:

On Aug. 5, I was honored to be a part of the Moffat County Library summer reading program's season-ending festival.

Specifically, the Princess and the Dragon puppet play. From this position, I thankfully was privileged to observe much of the preparation that occurred both the day before and the day of the festival. What I witnessed, I found inspiring -- women and men of our community and library staff working together with such excitement and unity. I could not help but to be affected by it. It seemed wherever I wandered, when my responsibilities with the show allowed, I found individuals asking where they could be most helpful and even the smallest details being attended to without question. The entire staff was kind and helpful, and from the head on down, they seemed to be wholly concerned with the children and their families' experience. I've not seen many professional group dynamics come together with so much organization and such an abundance of spirit and fun, the way they did over those last two days I was present. Each staff member and volunteer was respected and treated as an invaluable member of the team and all were focused on bringing whatever gifts they possessed to the community. I found it here, in Craig. It would make me sick to find that we had, as a community, been robbed of these wonderful people's gifts based on an extremely small few with a negative agenda. We must not allow these negative views to find root amongst the good, free thinking, intelligent people of this community. Our library and its staff are among the most precious natural resources we have here in Craig, and they must be protected.


Rebecca Putnam

Craig resident

Thanks, businesses

To the Editor:

Moffat County Partners would like to thank local businesses and individuals for their participation in the 8th Annual O.P. Bar and Grill Poker Run, and first ever O.P. Poker Run Harley Drawing.

Thank you very much , poker run drivers and riders, for your generous support of little Remy St. Pierre, and for driving safely!

Donations from the following businesses helped make the Harley Drawing a great success:

The O.P. Bar and Grill -- thanks, Delbert and Diana; Bank of Colorado; Bargain Barn; Community First National Bank; Dark Horse Liquors; First National Bank of the Rockies; Grand Junction Harley Davidson; La Plaza Restaurant; MJK; T&H/NAPA Auto Parts; Rocky Mountain Auto; Samuelson's True Value; Serendipity; Stockman's Liquors; TDS; Z's Motorsports, and all of the many people who supported the drawing.

Profits benefited Moffat County Partners, Craig's volunteer youth mentoring program.

The O.P. Poker Run was staffed and organized by energetic volunteers. Moffat County Partners would like to thank Delbert and Diana Knez and their staff, Gordon and Sharon Booco , Joyce Beckett, Kelly Goodwin , Danny and Teri Griffith, Rick Holford, Dave Malvitz , Candace Mathers, Jack and Linda Paulson , Cory Speaker , Kaylie Speaker, Sue Swift, George Wojtkiewicz , and special event volunteers for your invaluable and much appreciated hard work. Special thanks to KRAI radio, Channels 17 and 27, Morning News , and the Craig Daily Press -- thanks you for spreading the word.

Thank you sponsors. Thank you volunteers.


The staff and board of directors

of Moffat County Partners

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