Our view: 4-H offers cure for boredom


Today marks the first day of the 86th annual Moffat County Fair. A quick glance at the schedule of events is a good indication of how many Moffat County residents are involved in the hundreds of classes and competitions throughout the week. But the 4-H involvement doesn't start during the fair -- it's a yearlong process that not only provides youths with plenty of activities, it teaches many valuable skills.

Each year, the Craig Daily Press writes at least one editorial about what youths can do in Moffat County. Aside from fishing, hiking, biking, swimming, skateboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, rafting, hunting, parks and recreation opportunities, the Boys & Girls Club and a host of other daily opportunities for fun and recreation, the Moffat County 4-H program offers enough programs and educational experiences to keep youths busy until they leave the nest.

Moffat County 4-H allows children to participate at age 5, and they are encouraged to remain with the program until they graduate from high school. We think this program offers 14 years' worth of things to do in our rural corner of the state.

4-H is about so much more than steers, pigs and belt buckles. It's about learning new skills, such as social skills, leadership, participating as a member of a group and life skills. It's about becoming a better citizen and being active in the community.

Perhaps the community hasn't taken the time to promote 4-H as the opportunity it is and to encourage youth who don't have an agriculture backgrounds or a ranching family to take advantage of the other resources in our community. Many peoplrgive their time, energy and talents so that others might enjoy a new experience and perhaps be better people because of it.

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