Jean Lackner: Craig


To the editor,

As a former employee of the Craig Branch of the Moffat County Libraries, I continue to take interest in what happens at the library. That brings me to my reason for writing this letter: I am concerned about the lack of information with which people are forming opinions about the operations of the libraries.

I have read the many articles and letters to the editors in the Craig newspapers lately about the library, and I am amazed at how many people have opinions about a service they rarely, or never, use. They presume to know what the work environment is like. How can anyone, who is neither a library user nor a library employee, have an informed opinion to express at Library Board meetings?

None of these misinformed people has worked at the library. I would like to say that unless someone has been employed at the library for more than a few months, they cannot correctly assess what the work environment is like.

Over the past few years, articles have been written in the Craig newspapers regarding difficulties within the Moffat County Libraries. Due to the continual staff turnover, current employees at the Craig Branch of the Moffat County Libraries are too recently employed to be fully informed. It should be noted that over half of the library staff has been working there for a few short months. Therefore, their letter to the editor dated July 23 raises more questions than it answers. Common sense tells you that sometimes it takes longer then a few months for difficulties to surface with a whole new staff. I believe that unresolved problems have resulted in the loss of many excellent employees.

I find it interesting that some of the Library Board does not think that the library director should have an annual job review. Aren't all county employees given an annual review? I know I had an annual review when I worked at the library.

I would like to thank the commissioners for their continued hands-on involvement in what goes on at the Craig branch of the Moffat County Libraries, as well as in all of the county departments. After all, that is an important part of their job as county commissioners.

Please, members of the Library Board, become more involved with the management of the Moffat County Libraries and its staff. Don't just show up to the board meeting once a month and think your duty is done. I wish you, the library board, all the luck in your endeavors.


Jean Lackne

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