Moffat County golfers played to win

Scoring confusion signaled a loss, should have tied the game


Next to Brittany Hutton's 87 was a red DQ. The red letters stuck out among the blue results like a pink ball in a bucket of white ones.

Hutton's teammates said confusion arose during the reading of Hutton's scorecard. As Hutton's score was being read, the girl reading her card mistook a five for a six that written for the 15th hole.

Hutton had a six on her card so she agreed with what was read and signed the card. When the scores were counted, officials noticed the discrepancy in scores and Hutton was disqualified for signing for a lower score than she actually had.

After the tournament Hutton's teammates pleaded her case to her coach and tournament official Tom Dockstader, but to no avail.

"I feel really bad for her because she played so well," Kaylee Perry said. "It is a lesson for us all to look over the cards after they are read."

Hutton had shot a par on 17 and then chipped in 18 for a birdie to finish strong. Her actual score of 88 would have tied Eagle Valley's Mandy Preston and a playoff would have ensued for the tournament title. Instead Preston won the tournament all out.

The day wasn't a complete loss for Hutton and her teammates. Three of her teammates had good days and it's still early in the season so there are plenty of tournaments left.

Perry, Amber Nicholson and Amy Coulter had season-best performances. Nicholson and Coulter played the best they ever had on 18 holes.

Nicholson's 97 was good enough for fifth place in the tournament and Perry finished with a score of 100. Coulter was excited about her 105 as well.

"We've played this course so many times; it felt good today," Coulter said. "My swing felt good today."

Dockstader said he saw some good swings from his golfers as he went around the course.

"I watched Amy for a bit and I saw two of the best swings she's ever made," he said. "I could tell Kaylee was having a good day too."

The three top scores for the Bulldogs added up for a 302, the best the team has shot all year. Glenwood won the tournament with a 290. Stephanie Kloos shot 112 for the final spot on varsity for Moffat County.

If Hutton's score had counted, the Bulldogs would have taken the team gold.

"It is tough because that's the difference between a first for the team and for Brittany," Dockstader said. "It's a tough one to take."

The Bulldogs have three rounds of 18 left this week with the Grand Valley Invitational on Thursday and Friday and a tournament in Montrose on Saturday.

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