Touch of Spice

Two different directions


Are all children so contrary, or is it just Katie?

It's was a lot of hard work (and money) to get grass so the girls would have a nice place to play outside and what do my daughters do? They will hardly set foot on the grass. Instead, they're busy playing in the dirt pile created by the sidewalk excavation project.

Not only do they get coated in the fine stuff, they bring it in the house via pockets and shoes. Katie even filled her pink plastic pumpkin (that she just HAD to have and which was bought because 88 cents wasn't so much for my piece of mind) with dirt and carried it into the house. Later, when mom wasn't looking, she dumped it into a pile on her bedroom floor and continued the play that had been halted outside.

The grass that we're babying along and soaking with gallons and gallons of water was a fine idea in theory, but looking back, I should've just left the dirt.

Oh well, a fence (which is coming along nicely by the way) will solve that problem quick, but being a kind-hearted mother, my next project will be a sandbox (within the confines of the fence).

Perhaps that will satisfy.

But that's only one way in which they go in just the opposite direction that I've helpfully pointed.

Katie was so excited when I told her we were going for a walk. I learned my lesson the last time and talked to her very seriously about the meaning of WALK. The point was that if she wanted to go, that meant walking -- that did not mean me carrying her.

She said she understood.

Well, about a minute up the trail, she was clamoring for a ride. She didn't like the idea of riding on my back (the only way I could tote her while going uphill), so she begged to get back down.

I got more of a workout hauling her up and then putting her down then I would have if I had just carried her all the way up.

It was a slow walk. The trail was covered in dirt and that held Katie up several times as she stopped to play.

She has a thing with dirt.

She works in her own direction all the time. I can't tell if she's purposely trying to frustrate me or if she's just doing what comes to her.

She sings the alphabet song letter perfect (except for leaving out the H, but that's not the point). When a friend tried to prompt her into singing it, Katie went from C to F to Q to K, but was firm on the X, Y and Z. No amount of encouragement could get her to prove she knew the song from A to Z.

I hung my head in shame.

I was similarly disgruntled a couple of weeks ago when I was sitting with her and going through the alphabet flash cards. She got one or two letters and said every single other one was a J. When we got to J, I was pretty excited at the prospect of her getting one right. I held up the card with a big smile.

"Umbrella," was her answer. Also with a smile.

I guess I'm a fan of individuality.

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