Board tables home-school issue tabled


The Moffat County School District Board of Education tabled by a 5-1 vote a decision to change the requirement that homeschoolers be required to take two district classes if they opt to take one. Board president Phil Hastings was the dissenting vote.

Stalling the vote was an encouraging sign that the district is willing to work with homeschoolers said Robin Lambert, a mother of two home-schooled children.

"I understand the need for funding but maybe there's something we can do besides having to take two classes," she told board members.

Home-schooled children have the option to take district classes but the district doesn't receive state funding unless homeschoolers take a total of two classes. For each homeschooler that is enrolled for two classes before the Oct. 1 deadline, the district receives half of the state's per-pupil funding. The Moffat County School District receives $5,511 per student.

Though the district isn't losing money according to the current scenario, Superintendent Pete Bergmann said the district could gain about $11,000 with four homeschoolers enrolled in two classes each.

The board plans to research the issue further before bringing it back to a vote.

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