Many residents would benefit from a recreation center


To the Editor:

While walking down town today I picked up some information about the proposed recreational center. I have heard that there are mixed feelings about this being built in our community and wanted to write a letter in support.

I feel like this would benefit our community in several ways. Number one being the emphasis on community health and wellness. Two, having one facility that is convenient, interesting and accommodates babies through seniors. Three, having year round access to a pool facility. Finally, having a progressive energy here in Craig.

I like that this proposed plan has our community's health and wellness in mind. It seems as though they have thought about everyone, not just a select few. They will accommodate not just the athletes but the people seeking relaxation or a slower-paced activity. The activities are exciting, educational and diverse. I appreciate that.

I think it is important to embrace our different needs concerning health and wellness, otherwise it's too overwhelming or intimidating to start something new. Having a place that everyone could belong would encourage us to get out and do something, especially during Craig's long, cold winters.

In school there are organized sports and P.E. class to keep us in shape. After that, it's all up to us. There is the health club, the city pool, school gyms, high school pool and occasional (but sketchy) sidewalks in our town. We even have a ski hill and ice skating rink close by.

We have good childcare facilities here.

There are fitness classes, some adult sports available and therapy night at the shadow mountain pool for the seniors. We used to have a great gymnastics program here for our preschoolers to enjoy, but what do we have now besides McDonald's Playland to offer for young families?

Are there positive places to go as a teen? I'm not even sure what the pool hours are or if there is a place to take swim lessons in the winter.

So, why would I support an expensive facility when we have all of this already? It's because I feel that if there was just ONE place to go that would accommodate children, teens, parents and grandparents, more people would take advantage of healthier lifestyles without the hassles of running from place to place, group to group, having to drop the kids off while we try to fit in a half hour at the gym between work and dinner. Exercise and healthy goals would be more more manageable. If things were more convenient, more people would take advantage of healthy activities.

As far as pool facilities are concerned, the plans for the rec center's facilities are outstanding! This would be a place to enjoy year round. Summertime is a great time to go to the wave pool. It seems to be a popular place for the entire family. We are lucky to have a facility like this. Too bad our summers are so short. I would like to have a place in the winter time to bring my kids swimming and have swim lessons available.

The new rec center will offer not only a body of water but a fun water slide, water playground, kiddie slide, spray features for the kids. They could actually HAVE FUN and be creative in the pool and I could relax or swim laps in the lap pool. Heck, I could maybe even play a game of racquetball!

Finally, I feel good about something progressive happening in Craig that recognizes everyone. I have practiced massage therapy here for the past eight years. I encourage health and wellness to all my clients. Sometimes I recommend swimming, or yoga. Others may need to strengthen certain muscle groups. I hear a lot of excuses as to why this would be a difficult task for them. Most people don't know where to turn, wouldn't feel comfortable going to our existing health club or feel like it would be too inconvenient during the hours of operation in our current facilities. It would be a great thing to have a place that is flexible and diverse to send everyone I see.

I think we need to place a higher value on our health and instill good habits with our children and ourselves. I see things slowly becoming more progressive here and it's exciting. Let's support this healthy leap. It will be fun for all of us! We would have a nice place to enjoy family and community activities that are actually good for us. People in Craig deserve a CLASSY and CONVENIENT facility that would be LESS EXPENSIVE and would have MORE TO OFFER than our existing facilities. It's something to be proud to have.

Thank you to those who put their work and thought into planning this facility. I think you thought this through well. I hope that our community will support this rec center wholeheartedly. I think if our children were able to vote, they would say yes!

Lets think about the future. What future do we have if we don't have our health?

Tami M. Mohler

Long time resident, mom and massage therapy business owner

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