Drug-free students have bright futures -- drug free


Doctors, lawyers and politicians made appearances Wednesday at Moffat County elementary schools as students celebrated Red Ribbon Week career day.

The dress-up day was an effort to show students how bright their futures could be by saying no to drugs.

Fourth-grader Koy Bohrer of Sunset Elementary School said he decided to dress up as a cowboy because he already lives on a ranch.

"I didn't want to wear bright clothes because they hurt my eyes," he said.

Proponents of Red Ribbon Week try to teach younger students about the effects of drugs and alcohol by offering healthy lifestyle alternatives.

According to figures from Moffat County Grand Futures, alcohol is the drug of choice for students here. More than one third of 6th graders have tried alcohol.

More than a half of all eighth graders have used alcohol and 21 percent have been drunk. At the high school level, 94percent of seniors have tried alcohol and 69 percent have been drunk, a level that is higher than the national average.

Red Ribbon Week activities at the elementary schools helps get the message across early that students should say no to drugs, said Cindy Biskup, director of Grand Futures Prevention Coalition.

"We try to give them this perspective now so they can think for themselves later on," she said.

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