Home-school debate halted


The Moffat County School District will stick with its existing home school enrollment regulations, despite attempts to garner more revenue by changing it.

School district officials have considered requiring home school students who wanted to partially enroll in high school classes to sign up for at least two classes so the district would be eligible for state funding of $5,511 per student.

But, in the interest of preserving the relationship the school district has with parents who choose to home school their children and because the potential revenue was minimal, board members decided Thursday night to leave the policy alone. Members decided to allow home schooled students to enroll in as many or as few high school classes as they choose.

"I've heard waves from the home school realm on this," said Robin Lambert, mother of two home-schooled students.

There are currently four home schooled students who take one class at the high school and eight who take two. The school district only receives state funding for those students if they are taking two or more classes.

"Are we losing more in the end because we're alienating a community that is independent?" asked parent Terry Barber.

Three parents who home school their students attended Thursday's meeting.

"It looks to me like it's just a start of a hassle, I don't think it's very necessary," Dell Green said.

Lambert said a policy change isn't necessary now, since there are so few home schooled students and the revenue gained would be minimal. She suggested the board leave the policy until a significant growth in the home school population made it necessary for the school district to recover some of its costs by seeing state aid.

The school board voted unanimously to stay with the current regulation.

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