Touch of Spice

It's all about the mood


We've finally succeeded -- for the most part -- in potty training Katie. It took way longer than anticipated and happened just as we thought it would. She just decided she was going to do it and bam, it was nearly an overnight process.

Though I'm freed -- partially -- from the indebtedness of diapers, I am now faced with the problem that Katie's pants no longer fit her. She already wears pants with safety pins in the waist and, without diapers, those safety pins don't seem to be enough. I can't go down a size in pants because the ones with the safety pins are already too short!

It's a dilemma, I know, but right now I'm going to bask in the financial freedom that having one child out of diapers brings.

I had the same feeling when each of the girls was weaned from formula.

It doesn't last long. There's always a need that comes to chase those few free dollars.

It'll be pants, I'm sure.

With her newfound ability has not come a new attitude. She's still as stubborn as ever. When she falls and hurts herself, she wails like a siren, but when I run to administer hugs and kisses, she holds up her hand in a stop motion and says "go way."

She does that when I go in her room to wake her up in the mornings, too.

She's an either-or type of gal -- either all sugar or all spice -- and both added with a generous hand.

When Nana stooped to say "hello," Katie very deliberately turned her back, rolled her eyes and crossed her arms against her chest.

I was aghast. I had never seen Katie do that and couldn't think which movie she's plagiarized it from.

Katie ended up in the corner for awhile after that one, though.

She didn't loosen up until a sucker came into play, then Nana could do no wrong and Katie was begging to go to her house by the end of the evening.

Go figure.

On the flip side, Katie's now soothing my ego when we go to the baby-sitters. Instead of ignoring me instantly, Katie now begs me to stay. It's great for my ego, but not so great for my attempts to make it to work on time.

She pulls out that sweetness when she's in the mood, not when I am. She'll say, in that darling little girl voice "You sad mom?" When I nod slowly she said "need a kiss?"

She plants one on me and it's insta-fix. It's one of my favorite games.

I also like the one where she plays a little too rough and I yelp. She pats me on the shoulder, cocks her head to the side and says "you OK," when I say "no," she says "I sorry."

And we resume wrestling.

With her two personalities, I'm not sure what I'm going to dress her as for Halloween. It's a choice between a fire-breathing dragon and a princess.

In the spirit of honesty, I think I'll make her a fire-breathing princess.

It's funny (and don't tell her) but I respect that.

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