Community should put senior citizen care first


To the Editor:

I totally agree with Bill Snare's opinion of the proposed rec center. His letter was published in the Oct. 1 edition of the Craig Daily Press.

I have lived in Craig since 1974 and will spend the rest of my life here, at least till they ship me out because I'm too old and no longer a benefit to the community.

I love the people here. They work hard and dedicate their lives to making Craig a great place to live, but it's time to say "whoa" on a lot of proposals.

For example, they have been trying to cram a new hospital down our throats on a site that does not make common sense. It was after the hospital administration had spent thousands of dollars on buying property that we the taxpayers were let in on what they were proposing.

I have had to use the existing hospital on an emergency basis on and off. I have noticed over the years that maintenance of the hospital has been on a decline since I've been here.

My opinion is that it's being done on purpose, so more pressure can be put on building a new hospital.

"If you build it, they will come," is not true! You have to have community support first. Why did we let the facility for elderly people slip away without a fight? Where were all the people in authority when that happened? I'm asking about hospital administrators, city government, county government, etc.

Were you asleep on your watch?

The next and only thing you will have my support on is a facility for the elderly who have given their lives to this community. They do not deserve to be abandoned in their time of need.

Lou Hahn,


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