The gift of giving


When you lifted a forkful of turkey and mashed potatoes to your mouth, did you think of those who had none?

As you watched the Detroit Lions slaughter the Green Bay Packers, did you think of those who were unable to watch the game?

As you sat surrounded by family and friends, did you consider those who were alone?

What's more, did you think to do anything about it?

Making a difference in the community where we live isn't difficult and it doesn't take a lot of money.

All that's needed is time.

Churches, service clubs and human service organizations all work to provide for those who are without. They meet nearly every need you could think of and fill in for some most people would never even consider. They work tirelessly to meet every need, but they can't do it all. They certainly can't do it all without additional volunteers.

Craig's a generous community and often provides these organizations the money they need to do their work.

What they don't have are the people to do it. Most service-oriented groups exist only because of the volunteers who put forth their time and energy. And that pool is drying up. Many organizations lack the younger members that will keep their efforts alive.

Give thanks to the people who give their time to ensure our residents have food, shelter, health care, clothes and access to services.

And maybe, in this time of giving, consider giving some of your time to ensure those services continue.

The Craig Chamber of Commerce or Moffat County United Way have lists of service clubs, churches and other organizations who run strictly on volunteer efforts, and they will be happy to place you with an agency or group depending upon how much time you have to give.

Don't underestimate the power that one person has to make a difference.

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