Library reserve not the county's budget savior


Just like the thrifty and forward-looking ant, the Moffat County Libraries Board of Trustees have hedged against the hard times by amassing a $300,000 reserve.

And the grasshopper, who did not show the same foresight, is eyeing that reserve hungrily.

Instead of being threatened with the loss of their reserve, library officials should be commended for planning for lean times and keeping the state-mandated reserve on hand.

All government entities should follow that example.

It is understood that with the county's current financial crisis, it's hard not to look at those dollars and think of the jobs and services they could save.

But, it is not fair to take from those who have managed their money well enough to build a reserve.

Continued county cuts into services and personnel will eventually mean all taxpayers will get for their dollars are administrative services, and that's not what residents who pay taxes want.

A library is critical to a community, particularly one with a growing community college.

It is not something we should be without and it is not something county officials should risk to fix their own budget problems.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul only makes Peter -- and all his friends -- mad.

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