Math students put their skills to use


To the Editor:

We are writing in regard to the "Our View," editorial in the Craig Daily Press dated Wednesday, Aug. 20. We are a group of math students at CNCC who, while reading this editorial, came across a mathematical error.

The editorial said that Moffat County has to trim more than $600,000 from the current budget to maintain a reserve balance. The calculations used to do this were "to slice $1,000 here or $1,000 there ... this will have to be done 600,000 times over." If you used this calculation, $1,000 multiplied by 600,000 would equal $600,000,000, not $600,000. The calculation that we would use would be $600,000 divided by $1,000 equals 600 not 600,000 times.

The math class that we are taking at CNCC has enabled us to read mathematical statements more critically. The women in Math 030 would recommend this course to any community member wishing to improve their critical thinking skills in math. We wish the County Commissioners the best of luck in solving the budget crisis.

Barbara Trujillo, Faith Cordova, G. Olsen, Kristen Bouwens and Janis Rogers

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