talk of the town


Nancy Muldoon:
"I like living in Craig because of the people, rural atmosphere, and outdoor opportunities.
After my husband and I retired, we decided to continue living here rather than moving closer to our children and grandchildren. My husband likes to hunt and I like to fish. Our children and grandchildren love to visit us and see the rugged beauty of our area. We have fun making snowmen and taking them skiing. When they come in the summer, we go fishing and hiking. Our community has a lot of good people who care for each other. I look forward to being part of our community and hope to give back as much as I have received."

Chris James:
"Why do I live in Craig? A question that I wish I could sincerely answer. I live in Craig because my mother moved here when I was two and I didn't have much option but to follow. However, it hasn't been that bad of a place to grow up. I could see in the very distant future maybe coming back to Craig to live. What makes Craig an enjoyable place to live is the activities it has to offer. In larger cities it is hard to have recreational programs for kids that are as efficient as ours. Plus we're only an hour from the ski hill."

Glenda Bellio:
"I can go downtown and run into people I know. The person next door knows your business because they are actually your neighbor. Our lives are not over regulated, although we are pushing the envelope. There are more things to do than my family has time for and most don't break the bank. We actually have weather, although not much of a winter anymore. Friendships are not based on who you know or how much money you make. Friends and family become the same. People you don't know will stop and offer to help if they think you are having trouble. No matter where my kids go, someone I know is there and will let me know what is happening. What you do or don't do actually has an effect. Craig is not a cookie-cutter community."

Red Cortner:
"I would like to change the wording from Craig to Moffat County because it is the entire area we live in.
I live in Moffat County because I like the small-town atmosphere, the laid-back business climate, but mostly because of the friendly people.
I don't hunt, fish or do winter sports, os those things don't factor into my living here. Since the question was so wide open, I decided to poll 10 people in the 400 block of Yampa. Here are the results:
7 people said jobs and family
5 people grew up here
6 people liked the availability of recreation
7 said spouses' jobs keep them here
5 said they wouldn't live anywhere else
9 people were concerned about air quality and environmental issues and the availability of jobs for the young people."

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